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Sunday, March 30, 2014

This weekend Dave & I got the keys to our first home together, a little rented terrace house with real wooden floors and a garden for our dogs. Although our house is not technically ours, it is a rented property we still want to put our own stamp on it and make it feel like our home.
We have been lucky enough that we have a very lenient landlord who has said we can paint walls, put up art work and shelving if we please. However there is lots of ways to make a place homely without such serious changes.
I am hoping to inject colour and soft touches to our place with plenty of cushions, rugs & throws, Im thinking in a colour palette of greys, whites and hints of pastels. Vases filled with flowers or plants such as cacti and succulents (which are hard to kill FYI!) are also a nice way to add decoration to any kitchen window sill or living room coffee table. Probably the cheapest way to cosy up a room is with candles, they add such pretty lighting and can a bit of luxe to a room. Im not a huge fan of heavily scented candles but I love tea lights and anything with a fresh cotton smell.
Lastly if you cant hang pictures on your walls of your rented pad why not just lean them against the wall on the floor or on top of a dresser, layering pictures in front of each other can also look great.

Above is just a few things that have caught my eye to inject a bit of colour to our little home.
1 2 3 candles, cushion, black vase, storage box & plate: H&M Home, (my new fav shop!)
Pastel triangle rug: Nordic Design Collective, Trolley & Alex Drawers: Ikea, Art Print: Society 6.

Id love to hear your tips for making a rented property your own, or what home decor shops are a must to look at! xx

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  1. Hi, I have a blog on making a rented house a home,

    Been going just a year but plenty or ideas and projects on there for tenants, I'm doing a renting with pets series at the moment xx

  2. I have this trolley, it was such a good buy!

  3. I love the trolley and print.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  4. Congratulations on the new house! It'll feel like yours in no time :)

    We rent and I don't think you could argue anyone else lives here!

    Come say hello at Tweet xx

  5. Ah congrats on your new home Vicki! We rent too, so I feel your pain - painting has made a huge difference for us. How did you do your wee collage? It's so cute!

    Nic x

  6. Bright cushions and ornaments are the way to go if you are renting! I have that Ikea trolley and it is ace, it keeps all of my make up in!

    Maria xxx

  7. I have just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it :)

  8. Good luck in your new home! I rent too, and think that it forces you to be more creative in making it your own than if you were buying. I think the key is to concentrate on a few key pieces as focal points and to set the colour scheme, and then little accessories that you can change about. And fresh flowers!

  9. How exciting it must be for you! And lucky you for having such a great landlord! I think that when you're renting the best way to make the house yours is through colours that you think "symbolize" you, fabrics, etc... Not the cliché personalization with names and initials, but things that make you feel in essence "at home".

  10. I love home things I actually have that trolley and I'd love to own those draws
    Daydreams Heart