Beneath the pines...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I forget how many different locations you can scout for backdrops in a forest... Paths, overgrown wooded areas, chopped down trees, rivers...On a sunny day its the perfect place to wonder on a Sunday afternoon & snap a few photos.

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 Blazer: H&M, Dress: Asos, Brogues: Forever 21, Satchel: Topshop, Hat: H&M, Heart necklace c/o Cutiepie jewellery, Bow ring: Madwell. Glasses c/o Swag & Stare, Lips: Revlon Colourburst Matt Balm in Audacious.

The winter sun can be tricky, so keen to have bright photos instead of dull grey ones its easy to forget how harsh it can be. I think it makes the colours in these photos look almost artifical? And makes my skin a lot whiter or sun bleached than it actually is. Next time Ill stick to the shadows a little more.

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  1. You look gorgeous ^__^ nice dress and
    love the hat! Xx

  2. Totally agree - the light can be so harsh and difficult to shoot! I find the best light to be about 4/5pm at the moment. I'm definitely looking forward to when I can take photos at 6/7pm. Come on Summer! Oooh and you're looking lovely - the dress is so cute on you!

  3. Such a pretty outfit Vicki! So feelin' your pain on finding the proper light for outfit photos. Around 3pm seems to be a good call for afternoons or I quite like 11am morning light (:

  4. Lovely outfit and location!
    If you want to shoot in direct sunlight but don't want your colours to be artificial you could just correct the exposure in your photos by one or two negative stops (if you shoot with a dslr) and it should give you a better result and you can play around with it until you get your desired lighting :)

  5. I like very much the print, and the place looks divine

  6. This is such a cute outfit! I really love the print on your dress and how it looks with your blazer and floppy hat. The sunlight looks very summery in these pictures, but I agree it can be difficult to take pictures in. I usually stick to shady areas unless it's later in the day.

  7. BEAUTIFUL outfit and photographs! You are so woodsy! Like a little woodland elf. Cuuuute.

    Kirsten | kirstenlearns.com

  8. you always find the most gorgeous places! xx

  9. So stunning Vicki, that dress is just gorgeous! x


  10. So pretty- this outfit is gorgeous- it reminds me so much of Autumn! Alex


  11. Such wonderful colors, I love the unexpected deep blue! And the tailored jacket is perfect with this dress! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    <3 Megan

  12. OKAY Magpie Girl, it has been a minute since I let you knew that I still exist over at Abornewords but I'm here alright. Back just in time to remind you that your style is o e of my favs. That's why tonight's reading time with the kids was so special. It was the revamped version of the classic Goldie Lock Tale told from the perspective of Baby Bear who reminded readers that he wasn't so little when Goldie Locks broke in after Little Red Ridinghood dared her. The book is entitled Believe Me Goldie Locks Rocks! Her fashion reminds me a lot of yours.