Home Decor: The Living Room

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

With the idea of moving into a apartment with Dave this year circling around my head my pinterest has been taken over with pretty interior pics, home diys, furniture, cushions! Man I have bought more cushions than two people will ever need, Im considering just having a room filled with cushions... Ill call it the relaxation room, sounds fancy now doesnt it? Anyways Im rambling... although we will be in rented accommodation which neither of us have experienced since our uni days. I am determind to make it a home.
Starting with the living room, ideally I want a statement modern sofa. Something that wont take up 3/4 of the space and is slightly Scandinavian in style. A few hundred cushions will suffice. Pops of colour in nesting/coffee tables & storage boxes. I also have my heart set on one of the new Society 6 art work clocks, you pick the colour of the frame & the hands. Pretty neat eh?

Above is just a few things I am currently loving: Sofa:, Cushion & Storage Boxes: H&M, Clock: Society6, Oh My Darling Bunting: Etsy, Nesting Tables: Habitat for Argos, Chevron Print:, Shades of grey: Pinterest.

living-room-ideas2 living-room-ideas4 living-room-ideas3 
These living rooms I found through random blogs & pinterest are what's currently inspiring me...
If you know any great interior blogs you think I should check out or you have an interiors pinterest
board please link it below so I can have a look. :)

Thank you for all those who left me lovely comments on my last post which unfortunately I decided to remove from my blog. I hoped sharing my feelings and anxieties would help & in many ways it did thanks to all the great support online but... I felt I overshared this info online & sadly decided to remove it. Thank you again for all those who did left me messages. xx

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