OnePiece Onesie...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

So I use to be one of the girls who kinda loathed onesie's, I looked down my nose at could I be more wrong? They are literally the greatest invention ever! So when OnePiece emailed and asked would I be interested in reviewing one of there amazing  Norwegian heavy knit fleece lined onesie's, how could I refuse?

If you havent heard of OnePiece, it all started in 2007 by 3 Norweigens looking for the ulimate
chill out wear for a lazy day at home. In 2009 some bloggers took note, some mentioned how much the loved them, some how much they hated them. Social media made them become a huge trend.
Now the onesie is famous, an item of clothing in its own right modelled on their site by the awesome One Direction.
I chose the Marius heavy knit onesie in Norwegian knit pattern, it is literally the most comfortable thing I have ever owned.This weekend I am even hosting a onesie party with a group of friends, for a night of movies, cocktails and of course onesies!

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