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Thursday, January 02, 2014

I had such a lovely Christmas & I always love to see what people got from loved ones... Here are a few things I got given by my generous family and friends.  
Ted Baker Make up bag,  Pretty Pastel Style Interior Design Book, Orla Kiely address book & sketch book, Glittered Heels from Topshop.

This Christmas the lovely people at Halifax contacted me about a new campaign they were launching called ' Giving something Extra' where by they sent me gift vouchers for Amazon to buy a friend something extra special for Christmas. I decided instantly to gift a good friend of mine who i dont usually buy for which I thought would make a nice surprise for her. I personally find amazon so easy for picking gifts for people, and had no problem picking what to get her.
Having talked about the new Hungers Games film I knew my friend hadn't read the books so first in my basket was the trilogy of the three books together. Secondly I picked up this book which I actually had saved in my wish list for myself one day. We both love crafts and sewing but knowing she is a beginner I thought this would be suitable to try her hand at.

Let me know of you shared what you got for Christmas on your blog, as Id love to check it out :) xx

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  1. I am very envious of those glitter shoes! x

  2. I love love those silver shoes! So darling! Happy New Year :)

  3. I have been after those glitter shoes for so long now i'm hoping topshop still have them in :) Happy new year! xx

  4. Great gifts both given and received.
    Surprising people with gifts is actually one thing I plan on doing more of this year, just simple things to say I'm thinking of people and the like!
    This is my Christmas post which includes my pretty awesome presents :)

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  5. Oh, I just saw Catching Fire, looking forward to the last film already... maybe I should read it first though :)

  6. Oooh those shoes are beautiful!

    Julia x

  7. Absolutely obsessed with these silvery shoes!

    Xo, Hannah