Magpie girl makes... A Christmas Wreath!

Friday, December 20, 2013

I am now officially off work for the Christmas holidays! Yay! Which means I can devote a little more time to some Christmas diys here on the blog. For those of you didnt know I used to work in a florist part time for about 5 years & have been trained up to do everything from floral handties to wedding buttonholes. Today I wanted to share a way to make a little Christmas wreath that you dont need any floral expertise to produce.
You will need
Greenery: I opted for different spruces that were available in my garden, these are also long lasting and will cope being out of water. The berries and eucalyptus pods I bought but you can use whatever is available to you fir cones, twigs, cinnamom sticks, xmas baubles.
A circular frame: I bought this in a diy store but you could also cut a wire coat hanger to make your frame or even use a wooden embroidery hoop.
Wires or string, Scissors, Ribbon.

  magpiemakes-wreatgh magpiemakes-wreath2 magpiemakes-wreath3
magpiemakes-wreath4 magpiemakes-wreath5 magpiemakes-wreath6 magpiemakes-wreath7 magpiemakes-wreath8 magpiemakes-wreath9 
Hang with ribbon or string from your front door or a window like I have done. Another idea is to not hang your wreath, lay it flat on your table and place a chunky candle in the centre and it will make a lovely table display for Christmas day! :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my little diy! be sure to let me know what you thought in the comments & if you will be making anything over Christmas. xx

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  1. That's such a great wreath! Very professional looking too! x

  2. Such a clever idea!

    Emma x

  3. This is so pretty, and such a wonderful idea too! x

  4. This looks perfect, I wish I thought of this! I bought one from M&S this year, couldn't resist! x