Dave's moment in the spotlight...

Saturday, December 21, 2013

When Marks & Spencer contacted me a few weeks ago and asked would I be interested in doing a 'Style a Suit 4 ways' featuring a loved one of mine I loved the idea. I just had to run the idea past Dave first! My lovely fiancé Dave has been such a massive support to my blog. Without him it literally wouldn't still be going today, and although he is much more comfortable behind the camera he offered to give this style challenge a go.
His first look: Christmas party. Suit: Limited Edition M&S, Christmas Jumper: Primark, Shirt: Primark.

dave-m&s10 dave-m&s11 dave-m&s12 
Second Look: For the Office. Dave styled the navy suit up with an h&m grey sleeveless jumper, navy tie and crisp white shirt.

dave-m&s6 dave-m&s7 dave-m&s9 dave-m&s8 
For a creative meeting, Dave added pops of colours to give the suit a more eclectic style.
A dark green shirt from primark, charcoal grey tie from h&m & cerise silk pocket square.

dave-m&s2 dave-m&s1 dave-m&s 
The fourth & final look was a more casual style, for a weekend of relaxing in the house with friends over some music and a few beers. M&S suit paired with a tweed flat cap from primark, a very old band tee & striped scarf from river island.

Big thanks to M&S, Dave for being such a good model and facing his camera shyness & Dan our very patient photographer. :) xxx

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  1. He's so cute! My favorite is the casual style!

  2. I just love the second look. Very dapper.

    Joana x
    When You Dream Big

  3. This is so great! My husband recently asked me to take him shopping for some 'more professional' looking clothes, so I've been keeping my eyes open for good ideas :) :)
    Thanks for sharing, and thank you, Dave, for playing the perfect model!
    Happy Christmas :)

  4. Ooooh, how sweet that he wanted to help out! He looks fabulous is suits, and I love looks 2 and 3 the most! xo

  5. Wow! Very clever styling on all counts. I'm new to your blog, but you had me at Wiggly and Piggly. :) Well, that and the fact that you're a redhead and Irish...Thanks for stopping by my blog, and Merry Christmas to you too! xo

  6. He's handsome! How awesome you got the chance to style him in all these suits, I want to do that for my bf too haha:) Great pictures!!

  7. I love this! That suit is great!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly