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Friday, November 22, 2013


Before I started my blog I was the most un-techie person you could met, I had an email address but I never used it. I rarely bought things online bar amazon. I had a phone but it didn’t have wifi or internet, Im not even 100% sure whether I had a facebook account….
That’s all changed now, now I have a twitter, an Instagram, 2 facebook accounts, 3 email addresses.. My laptop is rarely turned off, I have an ipad, an iphone and a kindle fire. I still am not great with technology but I certainly rely on it a lot. My latest addiction is my Kindle Fire from Argos, with Dave & I hoping to move in together soon. Ive been thinking that space with probably be an issue and buying dvds and books will just take up space and require more packing… but with my kindle fire I don’t have to worry about storage or space I can download as many films & books as I like and take them all on the go with me at once.'
This is great for me cos my family would tell you I have tendency to pick up several different projects/books/hobby’s and have them all going at once. The kindle fire allows me to be reading several different books at once without the burden of carrying a load of heavy books around with me all day.

kindle1 kindle3 kindle 

This blog post is in collaboration with Argos, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those companies that allow The Magpie Girl to keep going! :) xx

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  1. I've been toying with buying myself a Kindle Fire for Xmas as didnt really want splash out for an ipad.. think i'll go for it now .. thanks :)

  2. I got one of these for my mams 50th Birthday last year and she loves it. Such a handy little thing!!

    Plus, it's always great to have a space saving implement when moving in with your other half. I had to music magpie all DVDs and CDs when I moved in with mine due to space issues and with iPads and Kindles you never need to miss them :)

    Katie & Kay xoxo

  3. i used to be like that too!
    i'm still not good with technology
    but i'm trying! :) i love your glasses btw!
    great post!
    xoxo Rose


  4. I am seriously thinking of getting a Kindle with any Christmas money I have, I just have to decide which one now!

    Maria xxx