Mad as a hatter...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Who can resist a jumper with a big knitted animal on the front? I certainly cant. Even if it is in the kids section of M&S aged 13-14, phifttt who cares! lol.
The weather here as gone from autumnal to pretty nippy, we had our first covering of snow this week and the weather man says its here to stay... This time of year is always a pain to take outfit shots, its freezing, windy and daylight hours are minimal. Being layered up as is key to staying warm, in these shots Im wearing a jumper albeit a kids jumper with a fluffy cardy on top, with a snood & a coat! Not quite sure how many more layers I can get away with before I start looking like a walking wardrobe, guess it'll depend how cold it gets!

mad-hatter7 mad-hatter2 mad-hatter1 mad-hatter mad-hatter3 mad-hatter5 
Coat: Poussiere d'etole, Jumper: M&S Kids, Skirt: H&M, Snood: H&M, Tights: M&S, Wedge trainers: M&S, Fox Brooch: Tatty Devine, Hat: New Look. Glasses: Gok Wan @ Specsavers.

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  1. You look awesome here! Hah, I also love buying from kids ranges, Next and Monsoon do really nice stuff and hey, no VAT! ;)

    Your boots are a gorgeous colour as well :)

    Sarah Elizabeth xx

  2. Perfect layering! Kids' sweaters are awesome. I love this one you picked out. It's so cute with your dotted tights and cozy cardigan. I'm loving your hat too!

  3. Beautiful outfit! I love the matching shoes and hat, and just adore that sweater! I really need to remember to check out the kids' section more often!
    -Christine from The Hitchcockian Cockatoo

  4. I love this outfit, why is it that when I try and do "layers" I just end up looking like the Michelin Man and yet you seem to manage it perfectly. Love the dotty tights and the hat.

  5. I love this outfit! Those wedges are such a lovely colour and the jumper is too cute

    Julia x

  6. Such a cute look xx

    Cat x

  7. Oh I do want a jumper like that.


  8. Cute combo.

  9. Yeah! I can't resist a jumper with a big, knitted Bun on it either...So cute...I shop in the kids M+S sometimes too, the sizes fit and look good x