Lets talk shoes...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

I tend to be funny about spending a chunk of money on boots...Maybe its cause I work in the wholesale fashion agency & Im more aware of costs. But mainly I think its cause I wear my boots to death! I pick a pair that will work with leggings, jeans and some dresses (like the boots above) & wear them everywhere; to work, out at night, to walk the dogs... they'll get scuffed, muddy and probably sandy too. Some may say thats a reason to spend money on boots they it'll be worth the little extra as its some practical but I find every year I want something different from my chosen boot. I want the most on trend & up to date. This year I wanted something a little tougher than Id usually go for, last year I wanted a riding boot style with buckles. So why spend money on something Ill replace every year and probably destroy in 4 months?
What do you think? Does my logic make sense or should I be investing more wisely?


Boots: H&M £34.99

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  1. I always forget about H&M for shoes!

  2. Those boots are gorgeous! x

  3. I'm the same, I wear boots to death but then I think should I invest more purely because I know I get the wear out of them :) New Look is my go to for boots usually but I love these H&M ones-think I'll have to have a look around there!

  4. I can be the exact same way about any shoes, Vicki! I have such a hard time justifying spending a whole tonne of money on any pair of shoes. This year I bit the bullet, saved a little and bought a pair of leather booties that will hopefully last me a few seasons; however I tend to be attracted to more classic, timeless looks, as opposed to the trendiest which means I don't have to update as often.
    If you usually just buy one pair and wear them with anything and everything, I say save up a little and splurge on something that will last even a year, instead of just 4 months :)

  5. I totally agree, especially with boots, I'll also wear mine to death and also want new ones each autumn/winter to go with new trends.
    Daniella x

  6. love those boots and I totally nuderstand you! I also work in something related to fashion and i get so see the costs of all items and it's crazy! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  7. I buy inexpensive shoes too. That way I get to update the styles based on what's trendy and I don't feel so bad when they get all ratty and old. They always get messed up after a while anyway! I could see investing in some classic basics like black stilettos, but not trendy boots.

  8. I think that makes sense.......if i bought some new boots now i would probably see some more i wanted next year and buy them aswell so it seems pointless spending lot when new trends come out so often xxx

  9. I agree too and I love these boots. :)

  10. I can't believe these are H&M, love these!

  11. These are awesome, perfect for stomping through Autumn and Winter!

    Maria xxx

  12. Oh this pair is perfection <3
    I always buy mine shoes in Topshop or some polish funny shops :)

  13. I am just in love with your blog! These shoes are so fab!!

    Xo, Hannah

  14. LOVE!! H&M is a very cool store, I think the quality are not that bad, i guess sometimes we prefer something "modern" than expensive XD, i think depends what you want? I think the shoes looks beautiful and the price is not that low, but also not bad for boots. just have fun.