Little things...

Monday, September 02, 2013

Im never usually a girl of few words, but this post doesn't really need it. Some pictures of little things Ive acquired the past week or things Im doing in my spare time...

littlethings3 littlethings1 littlethings littlethings2 littlethings4 littlethings5 
Little purse: sample sale
Iphone case c/o iconemesis
Burgundy wedge trainers: m&s
Snacks: Iced coffees in jam jars & sour skittles
Crafts: Project Life & knitting- foxy roxy scarf kit c/o wool & the gang.
Postcards with my illustrated headers c/o moo

Little things Im excited about or that made me happy...
What little things make you smile?

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  1. LOVE those wedge trainers, good old M&S

  2. I love those shoes! How can they be from M&S? That shop is seriously under-rated. I need to look at their shoe section now!

  3. I should do posts like this, it's a really nice idea to just share nice things that make you smile. Also, as I am more than aware, M&S do have lush shoes- luckily I get 20% discount!

  4. Love all your bits and bobs but most of all, I love your shots of them! You're very talented!xxx :)

  5. Ooooh love those trainers, lovely colour!

    Julia x

  6. Yum the snacks look good, any drink in a jam jar is always a winner!
    Daniella x

  7. looks like you've had the cutest week!

  8. Mmmm cold coffees are amazing! :)

  9. M&S are selling wedged trainers!? Now I've seen everything :) Love that 'life binder' thingy that features here and you posted about ages ago - can't remember the name but it looks like it's coming along nicely x

  10. Such beautiful photos! I must confess it's my favourite part in blogs, seeing little random highlights of bloggers' lives...

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