All the leaves are falling...

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Its officially Autumn or Fall... I have a love hate relationship with this time of year. I love the colours of the trees, chestnuts & pumpkins, the autumnal choices of coffee flavours in Starbucks (yum!), Halloween, fireworks, sparklers! I hate adjusting to the fact thats its dark from 7pm onwards & my body is tired earlier, I hate getting back into tights, I hate trying to take outfit photos without a coat on while not looking like Im frozen to the bone!

all-the-leaves3 all-the-leaves4 all-the-leaves all-the-leaves2 
Cardigan: Motel Rocks, Dress: H&M, Belt: Liberty Blue, Satchel: Asos, Necklace: Tatty Devine, Boots & Tights: M&S

I have just switched my wardrobe over, packed up all my summer dresses & got out all my winter woolies.
I bought this dress a few months ago in H&M & hadnt had a chance to wear it over the summer. It seemed a shame to pack it away until next year so I tried a navy & grey combo for a transitional look. Im thinking it might work in winter with black opaque tights & a chunky knit & beanie hat? What do you think can you wear a cream lace dress in winter?

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  1. Love thi outfit! That dress is o pretty and you really made it transition well, o yes, you can wear it haha

    That belt is super cute :)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  2. Pretty detail on your dress! :) i like how you mix with the cardigas and boots.. Happy autum! :)
    Irene Wibowo

  3. I definitely feel the same as you about Fall - especially about trying to take outfit photos without looking extremely cold :)
    This is the perfect transitional look! I totally think you could rock this dress for winter - exactly as you imagine with black tights, a knit sweater (and scarf!) and a beanie.
    Stay warm, my friend!

  4. I try to wear my clothes all year around. I think you've done a great job here xxx

  5. lovely :) you have given me some inspiration for my own wardrobe! x


  6. That motel cardigan is lovely. It looks great with your dress :)
    Daniella x


  7. You look amazing <3 that cardi looks fab on you :)

  8. I love fall. I always look forward to breaking out my tights and jackets again! I feel like there's so many more remixing opportunities with those added layers.
    I love how your pretty lace dress looks with your striped cardigan and cute boots. This is absolutely a perfect fall outfit.

  9. This outfit is lovely, I would never have thought to put navy and tan together!

    Maria xxx