Wedding Weekend...

Monday, August 26, 2013

This weekend I have no outfits to share with you guys, I spent the weekend in County Meath at my friends wedding. Dave was the best man as his two best friends married each other. It was such a beautiful day and filled with such love I thought I would share some little snippets of the day.
Ive kept the more personal photos to myself but the details of the wedding were so special and every little detail was thought of that I had to photograph it.
These little bird cages filled with sweet pea, lavender, eucalyptus and September flower where on every table.

weddingweekend4 weddingweekend6 weddingweekend5 
The bride looked stunning in her dress with beaded head piece and lacey backed dress...
Again I kept the rest of the photos of the bride and will just share this little glance of her looking so happy & radiant. :)

weddingweekend8 weddingweekend7 
Little hearts where hanging in the trees around the marquee and they even had a swing hooked up for the children from one tree and a chandelier hanging from another branch.

weddingweekend3 weddingweekend2 
Weddings are always such a fun affair and this one was no different. Congratulations to the Happy couple Dave & Irena, I hope you have a fantastic honeymoon!!

For photos of what I wore to the wedding check out my instagram.

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  1. What a beautiful looking wedding x

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time Vicki! Everything looks so so beautiful! xxx

  3. Wow, there are some incredible details there. I love the candy-cane style tent poles. Having just got married I know how much time planning things like that must have taken. Impressive. I also love the beaded headband.

  4. Oh amazing!
    This is super pretty!
    I love everything.

  5. These lamps are so wonderful <3

  6. Oh this wedding looks absolutely wonderful, the bride looks beautiful!

    Julia x

  7. wow, what a dream wedding this looks. So gorgeous, thanks for sharing the photos :) xx


  8. This looks like such a gorgeous Wedding, I love the little details.
    The Bride's head piece is stunning. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  9. HOW EXCITING!! I love all these little details. I am photographing my first wedding this OCT, and I am so excited to get all the little flourishes! What a gorgeous bride as well :)

    Tora ||

  10. What beautiful details! Thanks for sharing, Vicki!
    I'm glad to hear you and Dave had such a great time celebrating the wedding of good friends.
    The dress you wore is gorgeous - I actually tried the exact same dress on a while ago, but it didn't look nearly as good on me as it does on you!
    Have a beautiful day :)

  11. The wedding looks amazing! Love the decoration and the bride is so beautiful!

    Nice and Clean Bromley

  12. Oh this looks beautiful and the bride is absolutely stunning!

    Maria xxx

  13. What a stunning looking wedding!x

  14. "These little bird cages filled with sweet pea, lavender, eucalyptus and September flower where on every table"

    "Little hearts where hanging in the trees"

    In both cases it is "were" not "where"!