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Thursday, August 08, 2013

St Georges Market is one of my favourite places to wonder around on a weekend. This particular weekend I met up with my photographer bud Dan. We ate sugared crepes, talked about cameras and lens, he has a Canon 5D mark ii (along with a few others) and I want to steal it! Then we had a mosey around the market which is on every Friday, Saturday & Sunday. They have such a random eclectic selection of stalls selling anything from vintage furniture & books, bakers selling amazing iced cakes and buns to little jewellery designers selling scrabble tile rings and retro upcycled watches. One of my favourites is the Windy City Bakery who sell red velvet cupcakes & carrot cake cupcakes. So yummy!

dan13 dan12 dan10 
The most epic little car sitting outside... We seemed to start a frenzy taking photos of it as people turned up left right and centre to snap pics of it on their phones. After this we made the most of the sunshine and headed down to the Waterfront, a two minute walk away... dan7 dan8 
This spot is always popular with tourists for its amazing views over the River, the modern walkaways and footbridge & of course the giant mosiac tiled fish which you can sort of see behind me in the above shots, cladded in tiles describing the history of Belfast and measures over 10 metres long.

dan1 dan5 dan4 dan3 
Love how the iconic Harland & Wolff crane can be seen from this bridge... also notice how it
kinda matches my yellow dress? I have also noticed people have started copying the Lovers Bridge in Paris whereby you padlock a lock to the bridge with the name of you and your partner on it and then throw the key into the river. Symbolising your eternal love..

dan2 dan6 
Dress: Yumi @ Oasis, Pinwheel necklace: gift,  Pumps: Melissa, Satchel: Topshop, Glasses: c/o Swag & Stare.

Thanks so much to Dan for taking these pretty pictures for me :) be sure to check him out on Flickr
Let me know if you like this little post showing some of my favourite spots in Belfast. If so ill continue to show little cafes, restaurants etc that I like to visit in Northern Ireland not only in the city. xx

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  1. I would love to see more of your Northern Ireland recommendations - I fell in love with Belfast last summer and will definitely end up visiting a lot more! (My fiance's family are from Northern Ireland).

    Your dress is beautiful, I can't get over how lovely that colour is. xx

  2. You look so lovely in that dress! This is a beautiful post. I love the contrast of the prettiness against the urban backdrop

    Chambray & Curls

  3. Love the colour of your dress! Well done Dan great photos!

  4. These photos are gorgeous! You look amazing :)

  5. That first photo of you is absolutely beautiful. Your friend is so talented, these photos are all gorgeous! That dress is absolutely beautiful too, the colour, the pattern and the shape are all perfect xo

  6. I have hair envy here lady, have you just pinned it all up or is there a hair donut in there?xoxo

  7. That dress is so lovely, and totaly agree with Victoria on the hair envy! I love seeing your favourite spots around Belfast and would love more posts like this.

  8. Love the dress :) such a perfect pick for having a chilled Sunday at St George's.

    Sara at Belfast Beauty Love

  9. It is always fun to go record shopping! I love your dress, and it is perfect for a record store!

  10. Simply gorgeous - loved this post! The photos are awesome and you look fab Vicki...that's an amazing dress x

  11. loved this post! the colours, everything! and that dress is amazing! xx

  12. So cute! Love the shots in the record shop, and that car is amazing! Alex

  13. Hattitude Style Blog

    wow vicki that dress is so adorable i LOVE it so much it hurts. I am going to keep my eye open for a similar one. is it vintage or is it new vintage inspired?

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  14. The Yumi dress looks beautiful! It's such a pretty colour.

  15. Lovely post! Must check out the padlocks next time I'm down there x

  16. Lovely photographs and I really like your glasses :) xx

  17. How cute is this little car :) awh. I saw one very similar to it actually, just parked in my nearby village.