Deep in the Blue...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Blogger, old friend,
Im sorry Ive been gone for days and not paid you as much attention. I didnt even tell you when Id be back Ive just been casually stopping by on occasion. Our relationship has had its up and downs but Im in it for the long haul so I promise to try harder- to update more regularly and not disappoint you as much. Lets kiss and make up?
Vicki xx

in-the-deep-blue3 in-the-deep-blue2 in-the-deep-blue in-the-deep-blue1 in-the-deep-blue4 
Top: Sample from work, Skirt: Zara, Loafers: Primark, Glasses c/o Swag & Stare.

This time of year is always crazy hectic for me, its spring 2014 buying season in work so we have all the womenswear boutique buyers in for appointments to see the new collections. Im up and down
to Dublin and I have 7 birthdays in August!? Expensive month of gift buying!
I have a few exciting projects on the go in relation to the blog that Ill hopefully be able to announce in the coming week! :)
Sorry for the irregular blogging the past few months, if anyone knows of any good organiser app's to help me schedule my time better please let me know!! xo

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  1. Love the colours!

    Sunrise app is great for organisation, i love it.

  2. Ah you always wear such pretty colours! Love you in blue.

  3. I'm about to go to Dublin in a few days! Do you have any places there you recommand visiting\shopping?

  4. I'm about to go to Dublin in a few days! Do you have any places there you recommand visiting\shopping?

  5. The colour combination is gorgeous! I saw a dress in the same colour as your skirt in House of Fraser today, very pretty x

  6. thank you anisa! will give that app a try :)

  7. Love the blue, it looks amazing with your hair colour- I'm terrible at organisation too, need to find a good app
    Daniella x


  8. You're so awesome, Vicki. I love your little letter to blogger ;)
    I can be bad at scheduling my time, too, and the first thing that usually gets neglected is my blog :(
    I've found that scheduling pre-written posts for those weeks I know I'm going to be busy really helps. I don't like to do that a lot because I really enjoy the spontaneity of blogging about the present, but on those busy weeks it can be a life saver!
    Good luck with your busy schedule! I can't wait to see the things you have planned for your blog :)

  9. Ooh such a pretty outfit, love the orange and blue together.

  10. August always seems to be so busy! Experiencing the same myself :)




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  12. I too have been a bit rubbish at updating the ol' blog...sometimes life just gets in the way, huh? But as long as you come back eventually, then no harm done!!

    Tora || www.torabaker.co.uk

  13. It can get really hard to blog regularly when life gets hectic! I'm sure we all understand. I sure do!

    I really like the colors in this outfit. That blue skirt is awesome and so are your cute little loafers.