Paper straws & macaroons...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Having a girls night in is one of my favourite things to do...They can be even better than nights out. So when money supermarket asked me to host a girls night in & that they would give me a budget of £50 to help me out with any essentials I might need I got excited!
I decided I wanted to invest most of the money in ingredients to make cocktails. I chose Smashed raspberry & limoncello cocktails...

paper-straws5 paper-straws4 
To make Smashed raspberry & limoncello cockails you will need...

A handful of raspberries in the bottom of your glass, smash up with a spoon.
1 shot glass of vodka
1 shot of Limoncello
a dash of sugar syrup
fill up with your choice soda water/tonic water/bitter lemon
squeeze in the juice of 1 lemon.
Add a paper straw and enjoy!

I spent my night in with these two lovely ladies, Ruth & Maria. It was such fun making and taste testing cocktails then indulging in a chick flick- Enchanted anyone? With my money left over after buying my cocktail ingredients I purchased a massive mound of mini macaroons, french fancies & mini tubs of cookie dough ice cream. Pretty much all you need for a good night in my books!

paper-straws paper-straws1 paper-straws6 paper-straws2 
How would you spend a girls night in? What cocktails would you make? Id love to hear!

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  1. A girl's night AND someone paying you to make cocktails?? sounds ideal! Also - your drinks look absolutely delicious! I'll have to try 'em out. :)

  2. These cocktails look amazing!

    Maria xxx

  3. Ahh those cocktails look so nice! Me and my friends do something pretty similar whenever we have a girls night in (only usually with pizza added to the mix haha).

    One of my best friends made me an amazing strawberry daiquiri last time I went to see her. I think she basically mixes rum in a blender with fresh strawberries, lime juice, sugar and a coulis (instead of ice). Tastes so good!


  4. love this post! Funny as I've been craving macaroons lately but they are hard to find here in NI! Where did you get yours?

  5. NOM! Looks amazing :) Those cocktails sound perfect for these hot nights!

    Sara at Belfast Beauty Love

  6. This looks like an amazing night in, I love Enchanted!
    I would probably attempt to make mojhitos x

  7. the drinks look super yummy
    xo sabbi

  8. Those look like my perfect cocktails - anything with limoncello in and I'm totally sold! I've got a girls night in this Friday and I think we're just going to go simple with Pimms (if the weather holds!) xx

  9. oh wow, these sound perfect. I hate creamy ones so something light and fruity x

  10. oh, these look so delicious <3

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  13. those macaroons look really lush and even the straws look delicious! as for the nights in, I recently wrote about the social etiquette for all-girls hangouts; thought you might want to take a look