Tired but Inspired...

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sundays are a funny day...for me anyway. They are a day that Im either really productive or so lazy that the day is a complete right off and I end up getting annoyed myself. At least part of my Sunday routine although I dont really have a set one is to try and inspire myself to not sleep & watch movies all day. This involves reading my crafty magazines and ipad zines, flicking through pinterest, reading designlovefest, beautiful mess, yvestown, creaturecomfortsblog (to name a few.) I also try to get up early and get blog photos done but that can depend a lot on the weather which 90% in Ireland is grey and raining..

Today my Sunday was 40% productive 60% lazy... not the best percentage ever but saying I didnt make it to bed until 2am after a friends wedding yesterday Im not gonna beat myself up about it. Instead I thought id share some inspiring images I came across to help you guys feel inspired on your Sunday night...

tiredbutinspired tiredbutinspired2 tiredbutinspired1 tiredbutinspired3 tiredbutinspired4
Images from Pinterest, Etsy, Proper Pinwheel

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  1. This is such a lovely post! That quote is wonderful, and the origami fox is so so cute! xxx

  2. The origami is super cute.
    Amazing window.

  3. My Sunday was probably 90% lazy! i find they all follow a similar pattern, I sleep in until 10am, then manage to lose multiple hours reading newspapers, blogs, magazines everything. Then I get a productive burst of energy later on before finding that I have to go to bed! Urgh! Hopefully I can tackle days like this eventually and be more productive.

  4. I want that window!!

    ..and I actually have a post about my Sunday.

  5. yes yes yes omg those are so inspiring <3 !

  6. Hey! I just wanted to say your hair is amazing, you're so lucky. I've just had a read through your posts and I love how positive and fresh everything is! Can't wait to read more :)
    I'm fairly new to blogging but check out my page if you want :)

  7. Aw what a lovely post! I neeeed to do the fox origami x

  8. Looks like you're feeling inspired by my favorite spring color - coral. :)