Magpie Girl Makes...A real floral crown.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Floral headbands are always popular in the summer months and around the time of festivals and while Ive seen a lot of diys or 'how to make' posts on making artificial floral crowns. I havent seen any using real flowers. Some of you may know this if you've read my blog for a long time but I use to work for a number of years in several different florists and was trained up by the staff so I know my way around a flower or two. My mum is also a trained wedding florist and floristry teacher so occasionally I help her out if she has a particularly big wedding on.
So I thought id put my skills to use and show you guys how to make your own floral crown.

floral-garland00 floral-garland 
Materials required:
Flowers. I chose peachy spray roses ( a small variety of rose with multiple heads on one stem) & gypsophila otherwise known as babys breath.
Thin & Thick floristry wires
Green Floristry tape
Time to complete crown: Approx 2 hrs.

floral-garland0 floral-garland1 
To wire the gyp, cut a small bunch and cut the stem slightly longer than you thumb.
Take a fine wire and create a loop, place the loop against the stem under your thumb. Take one length of the loop and wrap it around the stem and the other side of the wire loop. This gives extra support to the stem and makes it more pliable. Then cover the wire and stem in tape. This seals the stem and makes the flowers live longer and tidies up the wires.
Below you can see the far left gyp has been wired but not yet taped & the other two have been taped.

floral-garland3 floral-garland2 
To wire your spray roses, cut each off the stem and using a thick wire pierce through the seed box, (the little round bit at the top of the stem) then twist the wire around the stem & tape.

I decided to add little loops of ribbon in a similar colour to my roses to my headband.
To do this cut strips and fold in half. wrap a wire around the bottom and tape. This can be tricky as the ribbon is slippy and hard to wire.

Repeat this process several times. You can always stop and make more if you run out half way through. I used this amount three times over.(approx)

Now you will want to make your wire headband ( see left hand side of 2nd photo) Take several thick wires and tape together and bend wires to create loops at either ends. Then tape. I then placed it on my head and shaped it into a slight curve. You can bend and mould it more once you have finished.

Now you are ready to start adding your wired flowers. You want to place this on one on the left side of the wire then one on the right. It stops either side getting top heavy and tipping forward or backwards on your head. I made sure to do roses on both sides as they are a lot heavier than the gyp.
Once you have placed maybe three or four stems on you will want to tape them in place just above your thumb.

floral-garland7 floral-garland8 
Work down the wire headband, taping your stems every so often.
Once you've reached the bottom all thats left is to thread some ribbon through the loops and tie onto you head! :)

floral-garland9 floral-garland00 
So what do you think? Is this a diy you would attempt? Are my Magpie Girl Makes post's something you enjoy & would like to see more of? Be sure to let me know in the comments section below.

You can see my other Makes posts here & here. If you like :)

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  1. wow such a gorgeous crown!!! amazing dear. xxx

  2. Aw that's so gorgeous! I love the kind of flowers you used too :)

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  3. Vicki this is GORGEOUS!
    I love it!! Now I just need to get my hands on some flowers so I can try this :)
    Brilliant, and beautiful!
    Do you think you'll wear a real flower crown for your wedding?

  4. The crown is beautiful! I think this it is a massive coincidence that I was hunting one down in the shops today! Couldn't find a decent one anywhere so I think I'm gonna give this a go :)

  5. This is utterly beautiful! I don't think I have the patience but I will sit and admire yours from afar x

  6. Great job! I love diy posts! The flower crown is so beautiful! I'll try it for sure!

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  7. Oh, my! What a beautiful tutorial!

  8. Beautiful


  9. This is beautiful! Love using real flowers as opposed to fake ones


  10. So pretty & clever xx

  11. This is gorgeous and so nice that you've made it yourself. I love DIYs because they're unique to each person :)
    emmerliejay x

  12. This is sooo beautiful! I made a floral crown recently too, although did mine a little differently -
    Love yours! xx

  13. i love natural crown <3 so beautiful!

  14. This is just amazing! Ive only been thinking about real floral headpieces recently. Im getting married and want to wear flowers in my hair but thought it wouldn't be a viable option! More makes please I shall deffo be trying this!!
    Chloe x

  15. This has to be one of the prettiest headbands I've seen. How long does it last? X

  16. Gaaaah GAAAAAAAH Vicky i LOVE this!!!! Like really love it. I think it might be one of my favourite posts of yours. Its beautiful!!!!xxxx

  17. This is gorgeous, you make it look so easy!

    Maria xxx

  18. Oh that's beautiful, so much nicer than the cheap ones you can buy at festivals!

    Julia x

  19. This is so clever and pretty - will you be wearing a floral crown for your wedding??

    Debs x