Lucky find...

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

One of the things I love most about having a blog, is all the cool stuff on the internet that my eyes have been opened too: Amazing blogs, etsy shops, websites, new social media platforms like vine. I would never have been on instagram or twitter if it wasnt for my blog.. I probably wouldnt be aware of a lot of great things out there on the ol' world wide web. Its given me quite the education... One such new thing I came across while exploring the interent last week was a pretty nifty website called Avenue 32. This site is chock full of amazing designers such as Preen, Folk, Cedreic Charlier & Temperely London now while I cant afford these beauties (yet anyway!) I do occasionally like to browse and drool over them..
A few of my favourites teamed up into pretty little outfits that I wish I owned...

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  1. The picnic shoes are gorgeous! A site I will definitely be checking out. :)

  2. I am so in love with that bag! I have been on the hint for a while and this one looks amazing!!
    These posts are my favourite its really nice to be able to see whats on offer to buy but in a much prettier format!
    Anna xx

  3. Ah such a sweet hat at the picnic one :) It IS a hat, right? Thinking of picnics make me happy, let's hope the weather will be better soon so we will be able to sit in the grass with our whimsical dresses.


  4. That bag is divine!!!! I daren't visit the website…. xxx

  5. I agree that blogging is an eye opener! Super duper cute outfits!

  6. The picnic dress! Oh dear, everything is lovely. x