Spring Stripes...

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I often wonder how other bloggers come up with their blog post titles... Sometimes mine just come to me instantly when looking at my photos or from a song I heard that day. Other times Im totally stumped and it seems like the hardest thing to string a title together. I was gonna title this post Snow Stripes but as its meant to be spring and Im sick of the icy white stuff I changed it. Least it is finally starting to melt and with daylight savings changing over the days are finally getting longer. I CAN NOT wait for summer!
spring-stripes4 spring-stripes6 spring-stripes5 spring-stripes1 spring-stripes2 spring-stripes3 spring-stripes 
Jumper: Forever 21, Leather skirt: H&M, Tights & Bobble Hat: M&S, Wedge Trainers c/o Shelikes,
Scarf: Forever 21, Bracelets: Topshop, Watch: Casio.

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  1. I can't wait for summer either! I think the snowfalls are behind us here, but it's still not that warm.
    This outfit is so great, and I just have to tell you... I was shopping with a good friend (and reader of your blog) the other day and she came across this gorgeous tweed pencil skirt in the same colour as your sweater & scarf (a colour that you wear often & look amazing in!) My friend fell in love with the skirt and the first thing we talked about when she tried it on was how much it reminded us of you! She bought it and plans on browsing your past outfits featuring this colour for style inspiration :)

    Have a beautiful day, Vicki - I hope the weather continues on a warmer trend over in your part of the world :)

  2. I never know what to call my posts!

    Gorgeous outfit lovely x

  3. Love the mustard, I've been wearing a lot of that colour this week for some reason.

  4. that scarf is so pretty! and I also love your glasses. makes me sorry I picked mine with a plain frame.


  5. I love all the yellows in this outfit! you look likespring even if it isnt quite here yet!

  6. you look awesome! I love your top and beautiful tights <3

  7. I struggle to come up with post titles too! Especially outfit post titles haha. Love your leather skirt xo

  8. Loving the colour combo going on here, the yellow is something I would never think to wear but it suits you so nicely, lovely with your hair.
    Those shoes are fab, I desperately want a pair for work rather than always having to wear boots.


  9. You look gorgeous, and I love your hat! I struggle to think of post titles too, so have gone with song lyrics! xxx


  10. my titles usually just come to me, if they don't I spend more time thinking of a title that writing the post! ahaahaha!
    Love the outfit - I want you hat!
    Grace X

  11. Ha Vicki, I just done a post this week with the same title! Great minds eh?! Love your top is it a recent purchase?

  12. Hey,
    I just found your blog. This outfit is so cute. I love your style. Nice to meet you!

  13. The jumper is in such a nice colour.. can't decide whether it's mustard yellow or green, but I like it.

    There's still so much snow over here... eeek.. i also can't wait for summer!!

  14. i love the outfit, looking so sweet and dainty

    greetings from the tropical country


  15. Love the mustard sweater! It adds a welcome vintage touch to anything :)
    I honestly wasn't too sure of what niche/direction my blog would take; I wrote a few ones in the past with specific titles and realized that my interests expanded beyond the nice but it wouldn't make sense to speak, say, about travel or opera on a blog titled around beauty products. So I chose Sonushka because it is the Russian diminutive of my name (Mademoiselle for the French touch), it's catchy and most importantly short and easy to remember. It is also not too present on the internet so it was easy for me to register it on all major sites and social networks, except Twitter, and it's SO frustrating because @sonushka hasn't updated her account since 2010... Ugh. As for posts, well it usually comes at the moment, I guess... :)


  16. I love mustard more and more every day. It's really flattering on you because of your red hair. x

  17. Aw this is a really cute transitional outfit. I just love the pairing of stripes and floral. I need a pretty floral scarf like yours!

  18. I love the stripes here! I can never think of post titles either, it is so difficult, haha!

    Maria xxx

  19. I can never think of blog post names. It's difficult!

    I love the skirt and top combo you've put together.

  20. I love this outfit, the top with the scarf together is the cutest!

    Have a fantastic week,

  21. Love your style, girl! <3 Also loving your specs! :)

    xo Kisty

  22. This colour really suits you :) The scarfs cute too,
    I can never think of titles either, sometimes I just leave it blank haha

  23. Gaaah Vicki you are the colour mixing extraordinaire!!! You are so good with colour, and this mustardy colour looks beautiful on you xxxx

  24. Looks like someones hair is getting a little more red. The hat looks fun and winter cute, but you the sun does not make the weather look like it agrees with it.

  25. I am surely gonna fall in love with you someday.. The way you impress me with your fabulous fashion sense and stylish outfits.. It's simply awesome.. By the way, I was looking for a stylish pair of goggles for men.. Which store do you suggest?