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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So after my post titled Magpie girl bakes got such a positive reaction I decided that this was the motivation I needed to do other ideas I had thought of for my blog but never really tried before.
So another new feature Im introducing on occasion will be Magpie girl makes. Simple DIYs and ideas that pretty much anyone can do & most of the materials you should have lying around the house.
My first one is this fabric floral headband. I got the idea form pinterest where I saw a diy for making a fabric red poppy to decorate a birthday present. I took this idea & decided it would make a nice idea for a hairband for the summer. I also wanted to make my flowers look more like ranunculus ( my fav flower) than poppies.

diyfloralhairband diyfloralhairband1 
To make this you will need: A candle, plain thin hair-band, chiffon fabric ( or a fabric that will melt and curl in the candle flame) embroidery thread, a thick needle, fabric ribbon, glue gun & a  compass circle cutter. If you dont have a circle cutter you can use scissors and draw circle templates on the fabric using a glass tumbler.

Place the edges of your circles in the flame and rotate in your hand. This will make the edges pucker and curl up. Careful not to burn them. ( I did this on several occasions!)

Layer the circles on top of each other, smaller inside bigger until you feel you have enough. I used 6/7 circles per flower. Pin in place.

Embroidered random stitches in the centre to look like then centre of the flower.

Cover your hair-band in ribbon and use the glue gun on either ends to hold in place. I used a green colour to look like a stem but you could also use ribbon the same colour as your hair so the band appears invisible and it looks more like a hair pin than a hair-band.
Finally use a spot of glue to hold the flowers in place. Position in a mirror to make sure you glue them in the spot you like best.

diyfloralhairband6 diyfloralhairband7 
Viola! The finished article :)
I hope you guys enjoyed this post, please let me know what you think in the comments section & if you decide to tackle this DIY yourself I would love to see your finished results so be sure to email me a photo at xx

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  1. What a beautiful headband! I love this diy!!

  2. What great flowers! They look quite realistic. Brilliant idea! LOVE it. Now I'm wishing finding these ingredients was easier in Uganda.

  3. That's so pretty! What a lovely idea! :-) x

  4. What a pretty diy, I have to try and do this! You look lovely

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


  5. Great DIY! The finished headband looks really good. Xx

  6. Fab DIY, looks beautiful and is simple to follow. thank you x
    Shop Kittenish Behaviour & Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  7. What a great idea! Love the way it's been layed out with lots of photos and simple instructions :)

  8. Aw I love it! Might give this a go!

    Sera xx

  9. Love this post- such a lovely idea :) I think the flowers look so pretty, I would never have thought to use heat to make the edges distorted like petals
    Daniella x

  10. you are really talented cus these florals look stunning <3

  11. Looove the candle trick to mold the edges and prevent them from falling apart too!!


  12. These look great Vicki I'm really impressed with your DIY handiwork. Your ring is really pretty too :)

    S xx

  13. love might have the DIY bug yet!

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