Friday Finds...

Friday, February 08, 2013

A collection of things I found interesting/fun/pretty this week...

Thinking of recreating this idea for my wedding in my chosen colours (which have yet to be decided!)

Love this idea, would also be dead cute to substitute his and hers for your intitials? mine would be VSH ( or as of next year yr VSM) & DEM

Love everything about this outfit by Kinsey! The large bun, the printed scarf, the socks over tights.

Hot air balloons, a peter pan collar and a bright vivid colour. The perfect Valentines dress. hint hint Dave! (jk)

I dont have any massive weekend plans this week, Im always one to just see what happens and what the weather is like! Tonight Dave is cooking my dinner and I think we'll go and see Flight with Mr Denzel in the cinema. Tomorrow I plan to get crafty and creative with my Project Life & also walk my little pup Pixie who had a stroke last weekend :( but is doing much better now thank goodness!!
Do you plan your weekends out or do you go with the flow?

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  1. SO many things I love here! I want to do that painted bottle thing on my desk in my room its so pretty and would eb great for your wedding :) And that hot air balloon dress is pretty much the cutest dress I have ever laid eyes on!
    Happy friday to you!
    xo Hannah

    p.s. I would love if you stopped by to enter my Shabby Apple Giveaway here :)

  2. Those his and hers pillow covers are the cutest thing I've seen in such a long time!


  3. Check out Pinterest DIY and crafts there you will see how to do your coloured bottles with candles...if you want to save a few pounds!

  4. That peter pan collar is gorgeous, sorry to hear about poor Pixie - hope she's feeling better xxx

  5. Oh I love that outfit too! The scarf is fab!


  6. Wow that dress is beautiful. I kinda want it too! The bottles are a cool idea too, simple but effective. I'm sorry to hear about Pixie's stroke, but its good to hear she's doing better

  7. Oh my, this dress is amazing *_* And these candles look so romantic. These are very good finds! Thanks for sharing <3

  8. Hope Pixie is feeling better soon!

    P.S. That dress is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  9. Such a gorgeous dress! Love the His & Hers pillow cases too xo

  10. I love those wine bottles- I have plenty kicking around! lol. xx

  11. I absolutely love Kinsy's look too. It a layering dream ensemble. The dress of your dreams tops it though. Yes the colors are great, but it is also styled like Moschino's Cheap and Chic fashions shown on the runway during London's fashion Week. Oh and a (new to me) teen celebrity Anais Gallagher was wearing sunglasses that looked like the new Surge ones created by Foster Grant. They are very Vicki, know you will like!