Air Balloon...

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So I got snowed in for a few more days... as much as I wanted snow I kinda wish it would disappear now as its getting to be a pain not being able to go anywhere. Cabin fever is setting in! OK that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Anyway I thought id make the most of being able to take photos during day light hours on a week day and my brother Adam helped me out as stand in blog photographer for Dave. I always dress for the weather in mind.. no point putting on heels or a floaty dress in weather like this.My Eskimo style boots haven't left my feet in days.

airballoon airballoon1 air-balloon2 air-balloon3 air-balloon4 
Jumper: H&M, Denim Shirt: Asos, Jeans: Vera Moda, Boots c/o Zalando, Balloon Brooch:
Gift from my sister. Glasses: Specsavers.

I love wearing my hair up in a top knot like this, unfortunately I have incredibly thick hair and
doing this usually leads to me getting a headache. Does anyone else find that? lol.

Oh I almost forgot to mention I was featured as the Spotlight Blogger on Asos Fashion Finder
if you'd like to read my interview you can so here. :)

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  1. I have the opposite problem with my hair...it's so light it looks a little on the small side in a top bun...I'm definitely envious of your beautiful thick hair. Loving this outfit, the pop of pink against the snow and that cute hot air balloon.

  2. Those boots are perfect for this weather! I always get a headache when I wear my hair in a bun! x

  3. Vicki you are too cute. I love how you've styled your cropped jumper with the shirt underneath, it's not something I would've thought to do. I must pull out my wee yellow jumper and see if I can do something similar.

    S xx

  4. I can imagine that it sucks being snowed in, but now you can get all that stuff done you usually don't have time to!


  5. I have fine hair but I still find with any kind of top knot or bun it can really hurt - sad as I love the look but can't keep it up all day!

  6. I love the little brooch - it's so cute! I'm ready for the snow to leave too!

  7. Awh you look super cute in the snow. And major props for not wearing a billion layers like I need to as soon as it gets a little bit cold out!

    Love, Lauren xox

  8. Your brooch is adorable, I love it! I completely agree with you on the snow front - I was so excited when it first arrived but now it's just frustrating. Getting to work has become a game of seeing how many steps until I next fall over and I'd kind of like to be able to leave the house without having to wear a ridiculous amount of layers!
    Jodie xx | Future Freaks Me

  9. Congrats on being a featured blogger, love the jumper you look gorgeous



  10. Hi there, fellow redhead! Indeed, I get you on the cabin fever, I haven't been out in days except to get... Wine, mea culpa hahaha. In my defense, Montréal is unusually cold these days.


  11. I love having my hair up in a bun too but it does hurt! I have to have my bobble tied really right to keep it all in so it's definitely not a style I could to for an extended amount of time!

    Alexandra Lauren Rose

  12. Wow, I'm from NI too and the snow is pretty much gone from around me, it came on monday and was gone by tuesday ha... they make your photos so pretty though. very jealous!

  13. Love this jumper and your hair looks fab in a topknot!

    Maria xxx

  14. I'm so jealous of your snow! I wish it snowed here... I love your weather appropriate boots and that brooch is so adorable!

  15. Congratulations!!! Off to have a goosey gander now :) I am the same with top-knotting, altho i was never sure if it was because i tied it too tight. But then i need to tie it rather tight to keep it up there!

    I digress, you look so sweet in this outfit - loving the brooch xxx

  16. I know exactly how you feel about this snow, I was so exciting at first but am getting really fed up of it now! I hope that this is all we'll have for this year!

    I love this brooch, so cute. x

  17. You look so cosy! I love it!


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  19. Cute outfit, your hair looks lovely in a top knot! xo

  20. You seriously have the cutes hair!!! :)


  21. I love the balloon brooch as well as the really cute Eskimo boots. The snow is pretty but I would be experiencing a bit of cabin fever as well. Thanks for the cute pictures.
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