2012 in Numbers...

Thursday, January 03, 2013

So Ive seen a lot of re-cap posts on blogs summing up the last year in outfits.
Instead Im summing up my year in numbers.

6352 air miles travelled
154 is the number of posts I published in 2012.
37 is the number of days I took off from work
18 trips to the cinema
7 new pairs of shoes
3 weddings I attended, 1 as bridesmaid
3 the number of family members who passed away this year; my 2 grampa's & our beloved horse Silver.
2 in the number of holidays out of the country
2 new puppies: Chomper the yorkie & Zippy the pug
1 diamond ring Ive been given when Dave proposed in July

2012-sum-up 2012-sum-up7 2012-sum-up2 2012-sum-up1 2012-sum-up3 2012-sum-up4 
This year has had many ups and downs but when I think back on the year as a whole I remember the
good times first. I remember great holidays, Dave proposing, being happy with where my life is headed. I have a couple of resolutions for this year, the main one being to be more organised.
In all areas of my life, finances, blog posts & scheduling (which I never do) & also being more proactive in exercise and in cooking more vegetarian recipes. (Dave is veggie).
What are your resolutions?

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like you've had a wonderful year overall! I hope 2013 is even better! xxx

  2. I love your year in numbers :) sounds like you had a great 2012!

    Pip x

  3. An interesting take on the traditional yearly recap posts! You also seem to be a bit of a rainwoman with a thing for numbers :) It sounds like you've had quite a rollercoaster of a year too but I'm glad the highs look like they've added some balance to the lows. Being more organised is top of my NYs resolutions too - it'll be to do lists all the way! Happy New years :)

  4. I love this post, what a great year for you :) your pictures are just too cute <3
    All the best for 2013!
    Kaz x

  5. great post! :)

  6. Happy new year! Lovely post, I like to read other peoples resolutions :) I'm with you on the organisation resolution I've been so scatty recently!
    Rachelle x

  7. I love this post! A great spin on blogging about the year 2012! Here's hoping for all the best in 2013.
    Donna x

  8. Great idea, is nice to see a different blog post. Happy new year xxx

  9. seems like youve had such an up and down year some lows and some real highs! Good luck with the engagement, a unique 2012 post!


  10. Looks like you had a good year! We are going back to New York in June and i'd love to no if you have any recommendations for any hidden treasures when there! We did all the obvious stuff on our first trip, feel in love and now going back to dig a little deeper :)

    Also having a giveaway on my blog were you can win a pair of shoes!

    Sara x

  11. Happy new year lovely, I hope 2013 is amazing x

  12. I need to blog and cook more regularly, too!

  13. Wow your ring is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats and happy new year!

  14. Such a unique and interesting way of doing a 2012 round-up, I love it! Have a fab 2013!


  15. Sounds like a great year!

    Maria xxx

  16. Love the idea of the number lists. Looks like you had such a good year. I love the turn of the year as get really excited for everything that the year might bring. I am focussing on getting fit and healthy to feel happy in my own skin, to cook more and to be more positive :)
    Lianne x

  17. Loved reading this post, sounds like a very special year, hope 2013 is great for you!
    Daniella x

  18. This is such a lovely way of summing up your year, so cute xo

  19. Your engagement rings is so beautiful! A very lovely post, all the best for this year xo
    Megan Jane //Seek My Scribbles

  20. Summing up the year in numbers is not only brilliant, it is a fun way to recap some of the key moments that made your besties. Your post really reveals how the highlights of our lives help us to accept the inevitable. A good practice is to always strive to make improvements throughout the year, then resolutions are not necessary. Now the organisation thing is something that seems to be a good foundation for a fresh start, leading to progress.

  21. I am looking for my memories through the stories, the narrative of people. I feel it is difficult but I will try.