Christmas Gift Guides for Under £15...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I wasnt gonna do a Christmas gift guide post this year, but its actually something I really enjoy doing and its kinda become a Christmas tradition. So this year I decided to do two guides, gifts for her under £15 and gifts for him under £15. This time of year is the most expensive time with gifts to buy, parties to attend, christmas clothing to be bought for said parties. The list goes on. 
So here are a few of my favourite items on a budget.

For the crafty friend: Paper Craft is an amazing book at only £8.96
A personalised gift: pick the letter of their first name with one of these retro iphone covers. £12 each.
A stocking filler: Washi tape is so popular right now and an essential for every stationary lover. £3.95.
For the Home lover: These retro coffee & tea tins are too cute to hide in the cupboard. £12.95
For the girl who has everything: Pom Pom mittens. £12.00
For the beauty besotted: Mini Benefit Skincare set, even the bottles are pretty! £10.00
Quirky little gift: Balloon Brooch £9.00
For those who dream..a lot! Beside Dream Journal £9.00
For the tea drinker: Similair to the coveted modcloth mug Topshop has brought out this cutie in two colours.
Pure Christmas Bling: Christmas Bow Ring. £8.00
For the shoe lover: Red Loafers, perfect for Christmas Day. £15
And for the boys....
For the Literary Lad: Clothbound Gulliver's Travels, a good read & a pretty cover. £10.49
For the Fitness Fanatic: Weighted Speed Rope £9.99
Music Mogul: Every guy should own this.. cause its awesome. £5.00
For the Fashionabley Forward: Bird Bow Tie £8.00
For those who like snazzy belts (you know who you are): Anchor Buckle Belt £12.00
Every boy should have a satchel: £16.00 (£1 over budget!)
Stocking filler: For Christmas day fun with Dominoes! £2.95
For the Blog Photographer: (if like me your bf takes your pictures insure they dont come out shakey in the cold weather by giving him)..Finger less gloves. £10
For he who has everything: Moustache hip flask £12
For the about town cyclist: Bicycle Horn £4.95
For your other half: Be Romantic in a way boys will like...RAWR Print £6.38

So there you have it a Christmas Gift Guide for Guys and Gals all under £15. I hope you like my choices! Id love to hear if  I inspired any Christmas purchases for your friends or family. xo

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  1. I LOVE the rawr print. And frankly I now want everything on the girls list =/ oops! xx

  2. Thank you, I've just ordered the rawr print!

  3. such a great gift guide vicki :)

  4. Great picks! Love the bow ring! So sad it's out of stock :(

  5. I will have 1,3 and 4 please Santa!

  6. Love all your picks I wanted the bow ring too!

  7. I love all these gifts! Especially, the gifts for men. My other half is so hard to buy for! You've hit the nail on the head! Thanks :-)

  8. Great guide, love the Iphone covers (for her) and the bow tie (for him) is really cute!
    Daniella x

  9. I love how you do the gifts for boys, I can get so stuck buying for men! I literally want everything in the girls list for myself, especially the red shoes, lovely post


  10. I love the mushroom mug it's adorable! Your blog is looking so pretty, I like the new look xo

  11. yay these all are so awesome <3 i wish i had some of them <3 and i have that gold ring !:)

  12. I personally like your post; you have shared good insights and experiences. Keep it up.