Aztec Neon...

Monday, December 10, 2012

I cant believe I havent updated my blog since Wednesday? Shame on me..
Unfortunately I had a run of migraines last week and ended up in bed for two days and spent the rest of the week avoiding looking at my laptop screen out of fear of it coming back. If anyone has any migraine herbal cures or diet tips please share as so far the med's Im taking daily arent working.
Anyways.. with the weather hanging around zero degrees Ive been hanging out in this cosy little number...
This little boxy knit is not only super comfy & super sloughy but it has a pretty awesome print to boot.
I love how it looks teamed with my neon yellow scarf, perfect for a walk with Dave at the weekend.

aztec-and-neon4 aztec-and-neon6 aztec-and-neon2 aztec-and-neon5 aztec-and-neon3 aztec-and-neon 
Jumper c/o Izabel, Scarf: H&M, Skinny jeans: Villa Rose, Brogues: M&S, Glasses: Gok Wan.

This week for me is full of Christmas parties, catching up with friends, writing Christmas cards & drinking mulled wine... I also made appointments to go wedding dress shopping on the 29th Dec while my sister is home for the holidays. So that should be exciting and surreal!
What are your plans this week? Do you have any exciting Christmas plans?

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  1. Love that scarf, such a lovely pop of colour.
    Hope you feel better soon lovely, nothing worse, have friends who suffer from migraines - one has given up red wine and chocolate amongst other things to try and stop them.

  2. Great outfit! The pattern on your jumper is gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better a little bit better lovely, even if it's not much. Migraines are horrible! xxx

  3. OMG- that neon looks amazing on you.

    Great pics too. x

  4. Sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather, hope the migraines pass soon!
    Love this jumper, looks nice and cosy for the current cold spell!

  5. oooh how cute you look in that outfit vicki!
    have a nice week :)xxx

  6. I love love love your scarf xx


  7. Such pretty waves in your hair! Inspiring me to keep mine growing.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous holiday giveaway right here.

  8. That jumper is gorgeous, love the pattern on it, the monochrome with the bright scarf and coloured jeans looks great
    Daniella x


  9. Probably the cutest scarf ever!

    Really hope you feel better soon <3

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  11. You are absolutely gorgeous. And I just love your blog, it's so cute and personal! You are a true inspiration, keep it up sweetie! x

  12. You look gorgeous, I love the jumper! Sorry to hear about the migranes, am I suppose the usual avoid spicey food and dark chocolate? Have fun dress shopping!



  13. Cute photos ! Your sweater looks really lovely and cozy. Nice outfit.

    Indie by heart

  14. such a cute outfit :)


  15. Love our outfit it is so adorable for the weather! Hot Aztec meets Irish cold!


  16. Oh I love your scarf! My only exciting plan this week is going to clothes show live tomorrow! :) xo

  17. Ooh what a beautiful jumper! Looks perfect for this weather.
    Hope you're feeling better now, lovely to see your pretty pictures back on my screen :)
    Kaz x

  18. Headaches are truly a pain. One of the best cures I've read and actually applied on occasion besides an aspirin is applying pressure to your pressure points in the face, shoulders, hands, and feet. Reflexology is a great thing to explore.

  19. Headaches are truly a pain. One of the best cures I've read and actually applied on occasion besides an aspirin is applying pressure to your pressure points in the face, shoulders, hands, and feet. Reflexology is a great thing to explore.

  20. Oh my mum had migraine yesterday and it's terrible :( i hope you feel better now!
    you look super adorable <3. i love your sweater, it looks so cosy!:)

  21. Gorgeous :) I need this jumper in my life-it looks so cosy and warm, and stylish. Nice styling with the red jeans!!



  22. Supercute outfit! I love the bld colours for the cold season! :)

  23. I absolutely love your sweater!!


  24. I hope you are feeling better now, migraines are horrible! I am on Sumatriptan for mine which works really well for me, it might be worth asking your doctor for an alternative prescription?

    Maria xxx

  25. I love all the bright and colorful colors in your outfit! GORGEOUS :)

    Do you want to follow each other?? let me know babe!


  26. What a lovely sweater, love the print! Hope you're feeling better now...

  27. Your glasses are gorgeous and they really suit you! :)
    I have to say, I searched high and low for a nice pair of glasses a few months back and I eventually found the only two 'interesting' pairs in existence. One of them was Gok Wan! So when it came to getting some sunglasses I got them from Gok Wan too... boy can design good specs!

    Lovely blog by the way - I'm obsessed with magpies!

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven.com/blog

  28. This outfit rocks! Neon and Aztec print = perfect.

  29. I'm a migraine sufferer too, Ponstan 500 at the start of a migraine works well for me. Or Nurofen Plus but you can't make a habit of those!

    I love your blog makeover too - so pretty!