New Things...

New things Im lovin'...
#1 Tae Bo, this maybe premature as Ive only been to one class (yesterday) & it killed me but it was so much fun I think Ive finally found an exercise class that I enjoy.
#2 The Hunger Games books... Im currently powering through the 3rd one.. totally addicted.
#3 Pink's new album, dont think it has one bad song.
#4 M&S's non alcoholic mulled wine. loved it last xmas and love it this year still.

New items...

New to me this old picnic hamper was my dads it now takes pride of place in my bedroom filled with my wedding inspiration. Hat with giant pompom is from H&M. Shoes c/o Zalando seemed to pretty to be hidden away.

Blog, Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho of the popular (and one of my personal favourite) blog Oh Joy!
Which is finally available on Amazon UK & Urban Outfitter stores.
Macaroons from the Cupcake Cafe, Instagram photos I had printed here, catching up on my back issues of Gathered on my ipad a great wee crafting digital mag by Mollie Makes. New notebook for wedding ideas, Thuderstorm blue nail polish by No7 & a glitter sequin polish. The science of sleep on dvd, cant wait to watch this with Dave think it would be our kinda film. Another H&M hat.

If you didnt know already, I am massive Christmas fan. I love it all, getting the tree which has to be real in my book, the films, the cheesey songs. But most importantly I love giving presents that I think my loved ones will really love and enjoy. Part of that is wrapping them that they look there best.
One year I attached massive bows & candy canes to each one, then another year I made all handmade cards & wrapped them in brown paper with gold ribbons. This year I picked up this selection of papers in red & whites with mini sleigh bells to attach & bakers twine! (all items from M&S)

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Donna Pilling said...

Ah! I adore <3 christmas wrapping too! The more twee the better! I'm also powering my way through The Hunger Games books (halfway through book 2!) Loving your boots! Agreed, they are too pretty to be hidden and I'm guessing they won't be gathering much dust!

Donna x


daisychain said...

I used to love Tae Bo!

Ella said...

That picnic hamper is lovely! I love your new shoes xx
Love from Ella @ Belle Vintage

Sóley said...

haha, I love the hat with the giant pompom :D

allie said...

I want all of these pieces, so cute!

Kelly said...

I have a very similar hat I picked up from Tesco.
Some gorgeous things, and thanks for the link on the Instagram printing pics. Wanted to get some done formChristmas.

Sophie said...

I love your Christmassy bits :) I love Christmas too and love wrapping everything up all pretty!
I really want to print some of my instragram photos via that website, it looks really good. xx

Helen said...

The science of sleep is such a good film!

Juicy Satsuma said...

That colourful H&M bobble hat is gorge!

I love wrapping pressies to and this year I've sewn stockings for everybody's gifts! It's taken ages but it's totally been worth it.

Lisa x

Bakcocó said...

You have a lovely blog! i like it! i follow you


Emma C-M said...

those wrapping pieces for xmas are amazing. given me some tips of how to gift my items this year. and also is the blog inc worth reading. ive heard some things about and am contemplating getting it. would be great for a review post maybe xxxx

Lens & anything Else said...

Really like your staff

The Hearabouts said...

Such a cute post!

S., The Hearabouts

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

There are so many wonderful thing sin this post! I love your new shoes, your defitely right. Too pretty to be hidden away!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Raffles Bizarre said...

In love with the shoes and the hat in that first picture, oooh!


Louise said...

I love going all out with gift wrapping at Christmas, too! I also attach sleigh bells or other little decorations to the gifts I give!!

Kati said...

The pompom hats are so cute!

Life, Loves...... said...

Hunger Games is a great read, I just finished them before starting Game of Thones...Love the boots...and the M&S gift wrapping stuff.But totally need to get Blog, Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho

Sallytangle said...

Such beautiful little pictures, i love!! Be very interested to see what you think of the dvd. We watched it last month and i still cant decide what i really think!! I thought i would love it immediately but not sure!! However if your looking for another film to try, i can highly recommend 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'. As long as you don't mind a few tears lol


Maria Fallon said...

I love these little snippets of your life, that hamper is lovely, such a nice storage space!

Maria xxx

Paige Francesca Bryan said...

I love the christmas wrapping paper!!!

Paige xo

Diana Marks said...

What a cute post!
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megcasson said...

your blog is amazing.


VIPXO said...

Love it all! xo


Fiona said...

Your Christmas packaging sounds so sweet! I want to be a little more creative with mine this year!
x x x

Milex said...


Alice said...

That picnic hamper is so lovely and will be perfect for storing wedding bits and pieces in xxx

Anke said...

Same here - I just finished the first book of The Hunger Games series and I can't wait to read the next too.

Dixx said...

I just love the fluffy hat from the first picture and the christmas things!! :D pretty pretty!

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