My Christmas Wishlist...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

As we approach December and I have Christmas on the brain! The one thing I havent really thought about is what I would like for Christmas.. I have all present buying done one & have even been suggesting ideas for my friends and family as to what they should buy for certain people. I dont seem to be stuck for ideas for others..but not myself. So I decided to put together a little wishlist for myself, I looked through my wishlists on asos, amazon and pinterest and this is the random selection of pretty items I came up with...
01 Cupcakes & Cashmere, the book.
02 This cute little satchel by warehouse
03 Love these woodland plate set available here
04 'You had me at Hello' cushion
05 Loafers by Very
06 A bamboo graphics tablet so I can add my own hand wiriting to my pictures & posts.
07 Some Nights by Fun.
08 Pixar Shorts
09 Set of amazing lens for your iphone
10 These stunning handmade necklaces.

I find myself wanting/craving more homeware items, cute kitchen accesories, woolen graphic printed blankets...As Dave & I dont have a home together yet to decorate (which I am dying to do.) Collecting lots of little things that can be stored away is the only solution!
Whats on your Christmas Wishlist? Let me know below or send me a link to your wishlist posts so I can check them out. :)

The winner of my ghd giveaway is comment no 83: Elly. Congrats! Thank you to everyone who entered.

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  1. I wrote a wishlist post the other day. As a student, my wishlist is full of more material things... I can't wait to be able to ask for home items in a few years time :)

  2. Awh I have the Pixar Shorts dvd, so good! :) xo

  3. I loveeee the cushion and pretty shoes! I always get a load of old homewares for Christmas off my Mum :) xo

  4. That woodland plate set is so adorable! Very cute indeed xxx

  5. I've seen those phone lenses before, they look amazing! That whol website is pretty amazing :)
    Love the necklaces too.
    My wishlist is here - :) xx

  6. bag and shoes, definitely on mine wishlist too :)


  7. Love the woodland plate set! Don't think I've seen anything like that before, very unsual :)
    Daniella x

  8. I have a list but its out of date... I need to revisit!

  9. Great collection! The plate set is so sweet, I think I won't be using it for food.