Next make up & The Magpie Girl: Smokey Eye.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

When Next contacted me about doing a make up video with their new make up collection, I thought it sounded like such fun! But like most things I agree to on the spur of the moment cos they sound 'fun' I didnt really think it through! Like where am I going to film it, how am I going to film it, Ive never been a massive youtube follower so I hadnt picked up any tips along the way from watching make up gurus online. Anyways I gave it a try and am quite pleased with result. I was asked to create a smokey eye look & here is how I did it...

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  1. i loved your video!i loved the way you made it look so simple!i have always wanted to try this look but was scared i'd end up looking like a racoon!you look fabulous!
    thank you :D

  2. Vicki! You are so pretty when you smile! I've said it before, gonna say it again: SMILE MORE!!!

  3. Genius!! Love how you used music in the background and you made it look so simple...will definitely give it a try. The eye shadow palate looks great - never knew Next did make up! Avril x

  4. Wow- amazing video. I've always wanted to try one myself.

    Great Blog hun, I love reading your stuff 9and now watching it)!!
    Sheree xx

  5. Ohh the Next makeup collection looks gorgeous (as do you!) Lovely video - I loved the music xo

  6. Looks fab hun, you look so different without your glasses!

    I scheduled a smokey eye vid for today too coincidently, also my first ever YT vid.

  7. Brill video! :-) xxx

  8. That was so lovely to watch!!!

  9. Aww Vicki I really enjoyed this video:)! What a lovely pallete:D! the smokey eye look you created is gorgeous:D! I really want to try this look now:)!


  10. I absolutely loved this video and the way you filmed it and gave simple clear instructions and the music! It's great
    Daniella x

  11. This was such a cute video! I love the music you chose and how you made it look like it was on film. Simple and pretty : )

    Forever Fashionably Late

  12. wow I love this video, you should do more :) such a great look.

    Jo. x