Let me eat cake...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday daydreams...
My birthday is just a few weeks away and I have made no plans or thought about it much til right now. If I could have my way this is what I would want...


Lots of cake preferably pink cake, cupcakes, macaroons...sugar coma basically!

Sparklers not just for Halloween...
And of course to be surrounded by family and friends...

Tatty Devine seagull necklace, Asos grey shoes, River Island polka dot skirts, Scrabble Cushions, River Island evil eye 4 rings, Scape flower ring, Supernatural Series 4, The Stylists Guide to Nyc, Cath Kidson zip wallet, Zara bucket bag, Ikea MULIG clothes rack.

I think as you get older there is less you want for birthdays... Anything I would really like I can afford to buy myself so above is just a few wee random things that are on my wish list.
Although saying that if anyone has a spare £500 kickin' about feel free to buy me this! :)

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  1. I feel the same way, birthday gifts are as needed as you get older. It becomes more about having just another reason to hang out with friends and family and eat sweets. Gifts are usually left to the side in comparison. I love the balloons on that old mansion! So super girly and cute!

  2. Omg that is like the perfect birthday V!! I would love a bike like that too, a mint green one with a basket!! xx

  3. Wow, I need that scrabble's amazing!!
    Them photos of cake have made me super hungry too!!
    x x

  4. id want bubble at my birthday haha, i havnt thought much about mine as well, love what u have picked for ur birthday though :) xxx

  5. oh! I like to put sparklers on bday cakes as well as the candles! makes they so speciall! will you be doing something nice to celebrate? xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  6. I remember when I used demand that everyone celebrate my birthday for a whole weekend - if not a whole week - the older I get the more I seem to downscale my plans. I guess that's part of no longer being 13 : )

  7. adored this post vicki!
    so lovely and colourful!xxxx

  8. these pics are so fun and festive!
    looks like all the makings of a great b-day!

    hope you have a lovely one!!!!


  9. cakes, sparklers and the magic ingredient... all my friends. Perfect day. This reminds me of the Lily Allen video with dancing presents xx

  10. it sounds like a perfect birthday!


  11. Hattitude Style Blog

    for my 24th birthday last year, my boyfriend filled a whole room full with balloons. swimming through balloons is the coolest feeling ever! definitely balloons are AWESOME on birthdays.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  12. Looks like an absolutely lovely birthday!

    ♥ LW

  13. Love the shoes!!!

  14. Happy early birthday! :) You have just described my perfect birthday. I swear, we could be twins.
    I know what you mean about gifts...when I was little I wanted a million toys, and now I normally only ever want a couple little things. I guess I kind of feel weird about asking for things that I could buy myself, haha.

  15. Eek I love every single picture in this post!
    My birthday is just a few weeks away too - must speak to my twin sister about what we are going to do! Thanks for the reminder =)

  16. very lovely pictures..^__^
    happy b'day in advance..*.*

    checkout my new post..:)

  17. those polka dot skirts are too cute. the balloon and cake pictures make me want to have my own birthday party, 5 years old again!x

  18. I have made no plans or thought about it much til right now Send gifts to Pakistan from UK.