Hair Lust...

Since becoming a red head (5 years going strong) I am flattered by the amount
of compliments I get about my hair...Through my blog but also from random people in shops, barsand on strolls with Dave. Ive said before that I always like to experiment with the shades of red, ginger and claret; mixing colours, adding peach highlights, having a darker fringe. But I never do alot with styling it. I wear it up in a top knot, down with a slight natural wave, or I use my deep barrel wavers to give a definate wave.. But Id love to experiment with it more...
With plaits, knots, milkmaid braiding...


Heres a few styles Im dying to try...Ive been searching hair products online and think with a good strong hair spray to control my thick mane of hair, that I might be able to achieve some of these looks. If you guys know of any links to good hair tutorials on youtube please leave me a comment because I am rubbish unless following instructions!

images from pinterest & a cup of jo

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18 comments | Hair Lust...

Ria :) said...

id love to do more things with my hair but when ever i try to do something, it always fails soo :( x

Scarlett said...

I'm exactly the same with my hair and these styles are beautiful - maybe I'll have to be a bit more experimental this summer xx

danielle said...

i need to be more creative with my styling i always wear my hair down, a new haircut is deffinately on the agenda for next week!

Billy Reuben said...

Gorgeous. I especially like the blonde ponytail, makes me want my long hair back!

miss teacups. said...

So so so pretty!!

Stephanie Hadrath said...

love the ginger one !!! Really great!!

indie by heart said...

Gorgeous inspiration! I do my hair way too rarely, only to parties or such. Casual look is natural, on a pony tail or bun ! :D

- Indie by Heart

Cheap Kicks said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I get loads of comments for mine, which is naturally ginger, but I think it's the curls that attract people to mine.
With mine been short I've always thought their isn't much I can do with it but I've had it styled today and it's fab, so you should try these out xxx

Heather-Louise said...

Ah the first pony tail is amazing! I'm currently trying to grow my hair so it's in that awful inbetween phase - I'm definitely more of a colour over style girl. Currently sporting a blue ombre look, but may change to pink for summer!

Your hair is literally the most gorgeous thing lovey, you would look amazing with all of these styles xxx

Megan Jane said...

Gorgeous hair styles, I particularly like the first style, all that volume looks stunning!


Mimi said...

i love the fancy ponytail! and i think red is such a gorgeous hair color! :)

<3, Mimi
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Frances said...

I love the two black and white pictures, especially the first - very Brigitte Bardot! I've tried out a few hairstyles from 'The Beauty Department' and gotten compliments for them in the past, and (shameless plug) I'm planning to do a vlog about doing a wrap-around plait in the near future because a lot of people ask me how I do that whenever I wear it... hope that's helped a little? Love your blog. XX


Lauren said...

i'm growing my hair out right now from being super short, so i'm pretty excited that it's getting long enough for me to do things with. it's just about hitting my shoulders now, so i'm confident i'll be able to do some cool stuff with it soon. definitely share your hair experiments, i'd love to see what you end up doing.

Lauren @ Hello, Hunters!

daisychain said...

Please post the results of your style experiments, I so need hair help!

Pretty Things said...

droooool, all so pretty



harrie said...

Love these hairstyles, especially the first one! I really should do a little more with my hair also!

harrie :) x


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