So Loves Vintage Giveaway!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

So I haven't done a giveaway on the blog in ages! So here you guys go!
So Loves Vintage is a fabulous online vintage clothing and accessories site and they have very kindly offered one lucky winner the item of their choice from their website!
They have some stunning vintage tea dresses that I must say I have been eyeing up myself!

How to Enter:
Follow So Loves Vintage on Facebook here
Follow The Magpie Girl on Facebook here
then leave a comment below with the name of your favourite piece from the so loves vintage site
and tell us how you would style it up. The winner will go to the best answer not choosen by random so put some thought into your answer! Good Luck :)
Winner will be chosen in 7 days.

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  1. Oh, I love the Lana Lace Gown! I think it'd look ultra cool with some vampy-red lipstick, a black mini slip underneath, and black heels.
    Ever since I dyed my hair jet black, I'm all over any outfits that have lots of black in it, hahaha.

    The site's an amazing treasure trove of great vintage. Thanks for sharing! Would be hard to choose something out of all they have!

    x Michelle |

  2. The Alice cape, my oh my.
    Kelly green, a cape- I'd be like a snazzy, sassy superhero. I'd finish off my look with a leopard print eye mask, and call myself Miss PEAbody! Super power would be finding incredible charity shop bargains!

  3. I am in love with the hazel skirt. I think I would put together this snazy little number with a striped shirt, a camel colored clutch, and my open–toe jeffrey campbell lita shoes.

    Great store/giveaway.

  4. The Rosel dress is rocking my worl right now. It's so 90s, it should be called the 'Rachel' dress.
    I love vintage, although I'm not your typical looking vintage fan, I like to show that even if you don't conform to peoples preconceptions (misconceptions) of a 'Vintage lover' you can still shop vintage.
    It's cheaper than buying new and you will have a unique piece.

    Anyway, I would style the dress with some Christian lacroix-esq gold blingy jewellery (lots of Necklaces and big gold hoops). A vintage bumbag. A baroque print bomber jacket and some platform sneakers.

    Very 'Ab fab'!

    Love the blog and So Loves Vintage.


  5. I know you've linked it, but I think it has to be the Alexa dress!
    It really reminds me of something you would wear- blue dresses and cute collars are so Vicki, so I think I would style it in a "Vicki" way too with white ankle socks and brogues!

    Charlotte x

  6. So hard to choose from everything, but I have to say I LOVE the "Mariella" dress - it's so Mad Men! I'd style it with a kitsch gold necklace. I'm obsessed with insect jewellery at the moment so it'd be something like this...
    Of course I'd put my hair in victory rolls and get on the red lippy and false lashes! I'd wear my light-up red Irregular Choice wedges, and add a cream leather clutch, red nails and pearl clip on earrings to complete the look!

    Grace x

  7. I looooove the Calvin Klein bag and would probably wear it with an all black outfit to show off the gorgeous, natural colour. It would be a great every day bag.

    I like both FB pages as Jess Heath :)

  8. I love the Sara prom dress so much! I would wear it for my sweet sixteen. I am having a vintage themed party and everyone must come in their old fashioned best! I have been planning it for months, and it would be great to wear this outfit:

    The Sara prom dress with a vintage cream cardigan with little daisies and my vintage pearl choker. I would add my vintage cream gloves and some killer pumps! With Marilyn makeup and a gorgeous up-do, this outfit would be incredible!

    love,love, Oakey

  9. I follow you and I follow so loves vintage on facebook with the name 'shalane koelewijn'. My favorite dress is the fantasia dress. It reminds me of the 'wedding'dress in 500 days of summer, when Summer is visiting the wedding of her old collegue. And when she's dancing with tom. I would probably do my hair in a side bun and style it with mary jane heals. That's it, it's such a pretty dress.



    I would love these black long gloves please, your probably thinking why i havn't gone for anything more expensive like a dress or a bag, well i have chosen these black gloves because ive got the most amazing polka dot skirt (with an under skirt to puff it out of course) and i made a 1950's bodice and ive just been waiting to wear them but my outfit wasn't completed intill i saw these, it would just sum up my outfit completely and i would love to have them, i will not disappoint you!


  11. I'm in love with the amazing Bette dress. I would wear it to my friend's wedding and shamelessly vie with her for the spotlight. The dress is so pretty that it should be the main feature. I'd probably go for a very 1920s look with soft curls in my hair, and then get these beautiful frost-kissed hair pins to set the dress off -
    My bag would be a small black clutch with sequins, again to compliment but not overpower the detail in the dress. A pair of high-heeled velvet peeptoes and some red lipstick to add a pop of colour and the look would be complete :)

  12. beautiful :)
    love your new blog header vivki!

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  14. The feminine silhouette of the Angel dress would flatter my figure, and the crimson color would look alluring without revealing too much. Dresses like this are hard to come by these days—modest, yet sleek and attractive. Wearing it would transport me to a bygone era of glamour and refined beauty.

    I would wear the Angel dress with black mary janes and back seam tights to add to the vintage appeal. A statement brooch at the neckline would be the focal point of my ensemble. Finally, a romantic, vintage updo and crimson lipstick would complete this red-hot look.


  15. It has to be the Anoushka cape. When I set my eyes on it I saw the Red Square in Moscow, and walking through it in the light snowfall...

    I'd accessorize it with the colours of the onion domes and coloured walls of Russian churches, bright green and dusty gold and terracotta and blue... It would be great to play with the geometric versus curved lines of the church too, and bring them back in the accessories, mixing 50s and 80s style.

    (Here's the picture of the church on the Red Square I mean. :)

  16. I absolutely love the Amelie Shorts. It was either those or the Mariella Dress with the beautiful, large buttons.

    I would wear the Amelie Shorts with the Victorian Heart Top, white polka dot tights from ModCloth, and some turquoise blue T-straps from Seychelles to add a pop of color. As for accessories, I'd wear So Loves Vintage's Zara bracelet and their Zia hat.

    Here's a collage of the outfit:


  17. Oh! I liked both pages as Jessica Shealy <3

  18. Browsing the shop, I immediately turned to the dresses section, knowing that I didn't need to look any further to find my favourite piece. And I was right. The first dress to catch my eye was by far the most perfet one - the Allegra dress.
    And I know just the occasion to wear it, my 18th byrthday. It's coming up in just a few months and I'd like to have a really nice girly party with macaroons and cupcakes in a beautiful and chic lounge in my hometown. And with that dress and probably just a pair of simple black pumps, I'd be the centre of attention most definitely. The perfect accessory is the dress' open back and the fringes, they're just amazing. Oh, and I'd also wear a tiara, of course. When else would a girl have a justified chance to wear a tiara if not at her 18th birthday party.

    I liked the pages as Piia Õunpuu and my email address is .

  19. Okay I liked both Facebook pages (I'm Ina Ro there) and my favourite piece in the shop is the Tulip Dress!

    I would style it with some black tights, my brown leather brogues and a matching brown belt, a cute patterned cardigan and a black knit hat.
    I think the dress is very classic chic, but worn as described it would totally be "my style".
    An occasion to wear it would be in spring when I'm going to Poland to visit my boyfriend on his 2 months long business trip there, so I would look nice for him :) Furthermore in spring I wouldn't have to cover the pretty dress with a wintercoat.

    I could see the outfit so clearly in my mind that I created a Polyvore set of it :)

    And now I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)
    (contact: badtastetoasttoast[at]googlemail[dot]com)

  20. What an amazing giveaway! The black lace billie dress is stunning. I would wear with a statement black and gold hair peice with a touch of lace to mirror the dress, a fur stole and gold heels. Perfect for winter, and all focus on the dress.
    emily.weston at

  21. I'm in love with the Gilda dress, it looks very flattering and elegant. I would team it with an oversized cream coloured clutch bag and a pair of patent red heels for a classic look. I'd add a gold cuff for a little bit of sparkle and have an updo hairstyle to show off the one-shoulder design and keep the neckline clutter free. I'd wear some red lipstick to coordinate with the heels.

  22. My oh My, it would have to be the Tulip Dress. As a redhead my heart skips a beat when it sees anything green and beautiful. I think I'm actually in love with this dress...

    I'd style it up with a pair of sexy black suede heels or gold flats and a long knotted gold chain necklace. It would be the *perfect* thing to go with a vintage cloche hat I insisted on buying last month. Would accesorise it with a furry stole, large tan handbag and of course a folded newspaper.

    It's fantastic, all my Mad Men dress up fantasies come true.

    (Liked both facebook pages as Miranda)

  23. Liked all necessary pages above, and hope I got my entry in on time!

    I put it off thinking it was going to take me forever to pick a favourite but honestly when I saw the Alexa dress it was love at first site.

    Since losing weight I'm able to wear dresses again (before I couldn't unless they were floor length!) So!

    I reckons I could definitely use this dress in more than one look capacity.

    I would wear the Alexa Dress with a pair of exquisite blue stone antique drop earrings I managed to pick up on a magpie outing a few years ago, tan T bar shoes, seamed tights and my fur collar with my hair in a classic peekaboo style, red nails, red lipstick and a gorgeous pair of vintage crocheted white frill wrist length gloves I got only this morning! This would be my favourite way to wear the dress - really be true to it's nature.

    Although ;)

    For a more modern out and about twist because at the end of the day I would wear the death out of the dress let's be honest.....
    Hair up using the doughnut style on my blog, orange fur cape I purchased this winter and orange block heels (which I'm now this moment looking for anyway lol) Chunky blue and orange bangles and I think I'd go for quirky blue/orange triangle shaped earrings (stolen from my mum on another magpie-ing episode lol)

    So yeah - would absolutely love to win this dress and now am dreaming of dressing up with both looks! Love it!

    Brilliant giveaway and I really do hope your internet is sorted soon xxx