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Sunday, February 05, 2012

My poor blog has been gathering dust this week... Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while now will know that I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere in the Irish countryside.
I live where we expect our electricity to go off at least twice a year and where finding a cow in your garden isn't really that big a deal. So when a tractor crashed into a telegraph pole on my road and cut through the cable cutting off our phone and internet it wasn't surprising. The thing is cos we live in an area where the houses are far and few between BT doesnt think of us as 'high priority'. We have had no internet or phone since Tuesday!!
Im getting serious withdrawl symptoms! This post and Wednesdays giveaway post have been done by mooching at Daves!

Anyways enough ranting! I took part in the instagram photo a day challenge which was really good fun and I thought id share my pics with you guys.

favourite-milkshake, your sky-out my bedroom window, daily routine-always involves driving.
childhood-a book my granny gave me, where you sleep-under my ikea flower light, close up-of my skin care regime.
in your handbag, what you're reading-alice in wonderland, water-bubble bath.
happiness-a box of love notes, letters & cards from Dave, morning-reading the paper about me! something you bought-gold spiked bling!
something sweet-little wiggley with a bow on her head, someone you love-my bro Adam, reflection-in the mirror.
shoes-all my favs,something old-modern miss magazines 1962 & my vintage Gucci watch, guilty pleasure-dvd box sets!
something you made-dresses for uni digitally printed with my own prints, colour-my teal satchel, light-the fire.
in my fridge-lots of fruit and drinks, nature-tulips one of my favourite flowers, me-me :)

Its part of my new years resolution to take more photos so this challenge was great at making me take more! Hope you all are having a lovely weekend Im off now to make pancakes and drink tea. Outfit post coming tomorrow I promise even if I have steal wi-fi signal from somewhere!

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  1. Aw, that's rubbish - such a pain when you have no internet! Hope you get it back soon.
    That photo of your pug with the bow is sooo cute! I'm currently doing the february photo a day on instagram, quite enjoying it so far! x

  2. The dresses you made are amazing!
    I'm going to take my instax camera out with me more, I have loads of film for it so I may as well use it x

  3. I love the look of that vintage Gucci watch, very pretty xxx

  4. Oh no! Hope they come and sort it for you soon.
    Great photos, especially the tulips, they look so pretty! Taking photos was one of my resolutions too and I'm actually in love with whoever created instagram.


  5. love these photos-especially your pug! so jealous x

  6. Such gorgeous photos! x

  7. I love having a nosey into peoples fridges! Also, you pug is just the cutest xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  8. ahh how cute is your dog with the bow in! Adorbs. Hope you get your internet fixed soon, it must be such a pain!

  9. aw beautiful pictures!
    have a lovle rest of the weekend! xo

  10. such lovely photographs :) xxx

  11. I would straight up have a panic attack if I went that long without internet. I applaud how calm you are about the whole thing.

  12. oh so lovely! Except maybe for the tractor...

    The Brittish /Scottish / Irish countrysides really speak to me :) In documentaries it always look SO beautiful up there! especially after a long, refreshing rainshower :) I really hope to see it all for myself one day :) x

  13. I used to have that ikea flower light, love it!

  14. I could not stand BT so I switched to Virgin Media and I am happy to say the results are great (although I am not sure if there is cable internet over there... :( ).


  15. I seriously don't know how I'd cope without internet for so long!! Oh and I often have cows in my garden, the country life eh? haha! You've totes made me want a milkshake by the way, and I absolutely love your teal satchel

    The Deer Head


  16. Gorgeous photos! Hope your internet gets fixed. Those dresses are gorgeous xx

  17. Great photos, I've challenged myself to take more photos this year aswell.
    I hope you get your internet fixed shortly, we had a power cut that lasted all day Friday....nightmare xxx

  18. Lovely photos - I have a BlackBerry and can't find any half decent lomography apps for it, sob! Hope your internet gets fixed soon x

  19. Just found your blog... love it. Great photos =)

    I'm also an Irish blogger... wanna follow eachother?


  20. I love your pictures, I know what you mean living in rural areas and being low priority, it's the same where I am!

    Maria xxx

  21. loving that teal blue satchel :) x

  22. These are amazing pictures! Instagram makes everything looks amazing

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo