My 2011 on Instagram...

So this will be my last post for 2011... I have had such an amazing blogging year. I recently updated my Press section tab and seeing all my blog's achievements over the past year listed together made me kinda proud. Ive also had a great year in general... I had some amazing holidays over the summer, got a promotion in work and added a new member to our family in the form of Bentley the great dane pup.
Im trying to decide whether to do a break down of my whole year in a post, Tieka did an amazing blog post of her year that really inspired me to do one but it seems like a lot of work...
So for now Ill leave you with a little Instagram sum up. Ive only been an iphone user for a few months so Im still a newbie to Instagram but as Ive mentioned before Im hooked!



Im still working on my new years resolutions... I never usually take them seriously but this year there are certain things I want to achieve, learn and do. Embarrassingly some of them will be carried over from last year but this year Im determind!
Have you got any resolutions? xo

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26 comments | My 2011 on Instagram...

Dinx said...

Ah instagram, Can't live without it! Lovely year hun! Excited to see what you'll be doing in your upcoming year!

Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

Sarah, Sequin This said...

I was going to do one of these posts but I think my Instagram is mostly pictures of food haha oops. Seems like you have achieved a lot this year, probably no need for resolutions when you've done so well :) love your blog, look forward to seeing your posts in 2012! xx

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i love this instagram idea of showing your year in pictures. instagram is basically the best thing ever!!!
xo TJ

Camilla said...

happy NYE! :) x

Lou Lou said...

I need to take photos using Instagram more often. That can be one of my new year resolutions! I recently started following you on it and loved the macaroon picture. Have a good new year xx

Gem said...

aaw your dogs are beautiful!
I want to walk my dog more often and read more books in 2012 x

Mabel said...

Aww your Great Dane puppy is so sweet! My resolution this year is to get a more firm body lol. I don't want to lose any weight, I just want to be more firm and less squishy :)

Mabel Time

Natasha said...

I really like this post, the photos are lovely and Bentley is gorgeous. This year I want to focus more on my mental well-being and learn to relax and accept things more as I always get so anxious about everything. Happy New Year Vicki! xxx

jennifer june said...

I am still yet to think of many, one of them involves taking more photos. I hardly take photos and I want to have memories. So I got a new camera and I want to kind of document my life :)
All the best for 2012 honey!xxx

Temporary:Secretary said...

And so you should be super proud of all the press features and achievements, you've done so well! Have a fantastic new year's eve. Really can't wait to read more of your blog in 2012! x

Clara Turbay said...

happy new year excellent blog keep walking!


Ria :) said...

i hope u have a good new years :) x

daisychain said...

Happy new year my darling, I hope 2012 is even more brilliant for you x

Sparkly Flamingo said...

Ooh I love your pictures! Looks like you have had a fab year! Hope 2012 is great for you xxxx

Kb said...

Ahhhh I can't wait to get an Iphone, feel so left out with everyone Instagramming! Lovely pics and Happy New Year!

Harriet said...

I love your review of the year - it's a great way to summarise it in instagram!

I can make you fly. said...

Looks like 2011's been a good year for you! I'm hoping 2012 brings more creative loveliness you can share with us on here :) x

Buaket said...

your blog is nice! Follow you now!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Aw, cute photos! My recap post was a tonnnn of work. If I took more photos on Instagram, I totally would have done this - so cute! Happy 2012! xo

Buy WoW Accounts said...

It's my first time to visit your blog and I'm loving your layout. Instagram is such a cool app!

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Bad Taste Toast said...

Happy new year to you!

Aw I love Instagram pics, I need to get my hands on a smartphone soon to try it out!

I love the Mad hatter pic :)

Winnie said...

I love Instagram! I am an avid user and I always love your pics! Also I got the UD palette for Christmas, it's so pretty, yay!

Alice said...

What a fab year for you, here’s to a wonderful 2012 xxx

Jamie Rose said...

Happy New Year! I hope your year turns out wonderful.

Olya Olegovna said...

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