Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone! xo
I hope everyone is having a great relaxing day. I love how everyone has their own family traditions and routines on Christmas day. Our day consists of a big fancy breakfast with bucks fizz and chocolate followed by watching a Christmasy movie. We then give all our doggies their xmas presents which I wrap up every year then we dont open our presents until about 1pm (!) Then the usual massive turkey dinner, crackers, wine & more chocolate follow suit...
Then in the evening my next door neighbour & his girlfriend come down & we exchange presents with them..he is kind of like a second brother to me & now lives in Scotland so its always nice to see him on Christmas day!
How do you spend your day? Do you have a Christmas day routine?

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  1. Merry Xmas to you too!!!
    Love, Alice.

  2. Merry Blessed Beaula Christmas for you!! xx

  3. Sounds like lovely traditions, ours are to open our stockings in bed first thing in the morning, presents later on! Happy christmas xo

  4. Merry Christmas hun! My Christmas day consists of over eating then the whole family get s together and plays mahjong with more eating. Very festive indeed!

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  5. Merry Christmas, D'awww what a cute pic!

  6. aw what cuties!!
    this year I went to both sets of my boyfriends' parents' thangs, and then a little one with my mom. Christmas by the beach in California isn't very "festive" but it sure was lovelier than usual this year!


  7. Your Christmas sounds perfect, merry Christmas Vicki xx

  8. have a great Christmas darling!
    I featured you at my blog:

  9. it's really nice that you give presents to your dogs too! In my country we usually exchange gifts on NYE.

  10. i like everything here!

  11. On Christmas eve we go out to dinner with the family. I have celebrated Christmas day at home with my family and I went to my in-laws. So we ate, ate, and ate even more. (I love eating) On boxing day I stayed at home to have a festive dinner again and my boyfriend went to see friends. I tend to go there as well, but my father died this year unexpectedly so I decided to stay at home since I am not really up for all the festivities taking place during Christmas. But I must say it was nice to celebrate it with my family. My boyfriend went to his friends and everybody makes one course. They gave their Christmas dinner a theme and the theme was: Asian. So my boyfriend made coconutsoup (delicious!). Later that night after my wonderful retro dinner (cheese fondue!!!) we met up and went to a party called Sunday Lounge.

    All in all, we had a nice Christmas with a smile and a little tear.


  12. Your Christmas day sounds very very similar to my family's. Big breakfast, late opening presents, and a tasty dinner that night.

  13. 1pM? lol. Those are adorable dogs! ♥ Sounds you had fun during Christmas! ;)

  14. Dachshunds!!! hehe my favorite doggies :)

    Happy New Year!