Be still my beating heart...

Gosh I cant believe its Friday again.. Do I sound really old if I say time seems to be flying by at the minute? I means its November already..mad...
Ive already started my Christmas shopping (mental pat on the back to me!) but it still doesn't stop me seeing things that I want or that inspire me.. so here's another little crush post of things that have caught my eye.

#01 Rapunzel hair... I want this girls hair sooo bad!
#02 When I have my own home I will create a wall like this of all my favourite art and photographs.
#03 Pretty girl, pretty outfit, pretty location..giant giraffes = awesomeness.
#04 Stunning statement necklace by Anthropologie

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12 comments | Be still my beating heart...

The Fancy Teacup said...

I've always wanted to paint a wall in my house mint green...the b&w framed photos make such the perfect decor to go with it!


Amanda said...

That girls hair is absolutely amazing! I too wish I could have her hair too! And that necklace is absolutely wonderful as well!

Little Lady Little City

Raffles Bizarre said...

Gorgeous photos, I have total hair envy, in fact I do every time I see a girl with gorgeous long hair, grow grow grow!


Susie said...

Such pretty pictures, Vicki! I want to go on that carousel!

Sheri said...

I wan't hair like that so bad! Growing my hair is taking an age! I love the shabby-chic-ness of the photo wall, I think I'd have something like that in the kitchen - it'd be a big kitchen, with a table and maybe a sofa too...lol dont get me started on house planning! Cant wait to buy, not rent so I can do what I want! xx

Sophie said...

If only I could grow my hair as long as that!

Kirsten said...

Oh look at that girl on the giraffe! Giraffe girl! I want to ride on a giraffe wearing converse and a little hat thing. Cuute.

zoestephen86 said...

Don't think I have ever seen giraffes on a carousel before. Another super cute post Vicki

Zoe x

Jade said...

jolies images !!

Harriet said...

That girl's hair is amazing! I am getting so bored of growing mine and waiting for it to be long - I'm seriously considering those clip in extensions so I could try this!

Winnie said...

Is that a giraffe from a carousel?! Where can I have a go on one of those?! Awesome post Vicki!

danniekate said...

this is so cute - so rocking a big ol' braid tomorrow! xoxo

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