Mini Post: The little pink box...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ive decided to try and incorporate some mini posts into my blog..although I think this will probably create my work for myself and make me end up posting more posts than I already do.
But hey! I like a challenge...kinda..
What I cant decide is whether to turn off my comments for these little mini posts? which will be featuring new beauty buys, random photography and possibly bringing back my pug posts which I havent done in aaages!

my glossy box

In my Oct Glossy Box: My fav item was the Stila smudge stick in a mossy green,
super soft, easy to apply and such a great shade for Autumn.

Im gonna leave the comments turned on for this one so if you'd let me know should I keep comments on for these kinda things and also anything you would like me to include or post more of or less of.. I really value everyone who reads my blogs personal opinion.

p.s Im now on instagram! I mainly photograph my food and my doggies but if you'd like to check me out or follow me you can find me under @themagpiegirl
:) xo

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  1. Pug posts please! Lots of pug love over here ;)

    Grace x
    i'd rather buy shoes...

  2. I'm a huge fan of your blog, and actually also of your gorgeous hair! That's the first time I comment up there, just to say that I like the short posts :) Keep doing them!

  3. you need to keep your comment page :)

  4. I'd probably keep the bloggers are always only too eager to give our tuppence worth :)

  5. Lovely post, I've always wanted to try dermalogica :) I think it's up to you with comments, but the pug posts look so cute! Maybe you could try keeping comments on with the short posts, and if not many people comment over some time then just turn them off? :) x

  6. so cute ! like!

    XO Carmen,

  7. you got such a pretty colour of nail varnish! (: what is it called?
    I got hanky panky which is like a metallic peach its pretty too!


  8. I loved this month's glossy box! I got the orange/peach nail polish 'Hanky Panky' which is lovely :)

  9. I think you should keep the comments on. People can chose to comment or not as they wish, but personally I find little posts just as commentworthy as big ones, if not more so! A snippet of a picture often leaves more to be said!

  10. I love your instragram pics :) Also, I am so tempted to try Glossy Boxes! It looks like it was such a good one this month. Also yes, I definitely think you should leave your comments on :)

  11. Keep the comments enabled for short posts :)

  12. Hi Vicki! I met you at the Crumpets and Crystals event. It's been hectic couple of months since but I finally got around to adding your name and blog to the post I made for it. Just stopped by to say hi and check out your blog... loving it! -JB.

  13. I think we all mainly photo our food and doggies! :)

  14. love the short posts.

    yay! more instagram friends.

    love it

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