London Fashion Week: Day One.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I didn't take anywhere near as many photos as I had planned at LFW there was just too much happening all at once..too much to take in.. too many people to talk to, tweet to.
It was madness and the best two days ever!!

The Outfit: Dress: Asos Black label, Belt: borrowed from my brother, Necklace: Topshop,
Bracelet & Ring: Crete market, Black Stone ring & loafers: Asos. ( I had boots on but my feet were killing me by about 3pm so I changed to these)

Jen & Me. Susie & Jazmine. Susie, Carrie, Me, Charlotte & Sian. Lily & Michelle. Sherin.
Loved meeting all these lovely bloggers they were all so nice in 'real life' :)
esp my new bff Jen!
I hit the IFB event with Lily on the Friday were we got to ask questions and get insider tips from the experts like Susie Bubble. Was a good event although not in depth enough..
They did win me over with lots of free champagne and crumpets thou.. Im anyone's best friend for food!
Me & Jen..sorry Jen & I.. I realise my grammer is terrible..
hit the exhibitions on Friday afternoon, was inspiring seeing all the collections for Spring Summer 2012. I love this watery grey/cerise leaf print in the far right of last photo.

Highlights of LFW day one
#1 Meeting all these lovely girls and Gem from Gem Fatale who I didnt get a photo with.
#2 Having loads of people ask to photograph me and my outfit, two pics you can see here
on Skyliving (no 24) and Cosmopolitan Street Style here.
#3 heading for dinner with like 20 other bloggers and then heading back to my hotel room for a mini blogger party!

Another amazing thing happened today! I am shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog Awards!! I am so excited and ecstatic, it would be so amazing to win.. if you guys have time please (pretty please) vote for me by clicking this link, fill in your email addy, click Established Fashion Blog then click on The Magpie Girl. Simples. xo

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  1. Looks like loads of fun. Jealous. Love your outfit! :)

  2. ahhh looks like such an amazing week... i love london fashion!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Love your dress! Looks like you had the best time :)

  4. Sounds and looks like it was a blast!! Looking forward to hearing all about day 2. Your outfit is amazing too...the colours are lovely with your lovely red hair and I love the loafers! Congrats on making the Cosmo shortlist..heading over to vote for u now :)

  5. Look like you had a great time. Love your dress, it has fantasic pattern

  6. Huge congratulations on the blog awards! So excited for you! Good luck xxx

  7. Don't know how new it is but loving your hair with the blonde tips! Going over to vote now ...
    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  8. You look so cute in that pretty little dress! Looks like a very fun time!

  9. Just unbelievably jealous...looks like an absolute blast! That dress is wonderful, I love the weight and texture of that pattern. Very cute!

    <3 Cambria

  10. looks amazing!! love london fashion... so chic!

    x Aliya

  11. It must have been such a wonderful Experience and such a cute dress you are wearing.

  12. love that dress so much vicky!! looked like you had a lovely time.

  13. So wish I was there, looks like so much fun and an awesome experience! Your dress is so gorgeous!

    The Deer Head


  14. I love your dress it is gorgeous! xx

  15. I adore your Asos dress, no wondered you were snapped for street style :) Congrats on the nomination too, exciting! xx

  16. love this aztec print dress on you! :)

  17. Sounds and looks like you had loads of fun :D I heard from other bloggers that it was insanely busy and it kidn of ruined it for them, but it doesn't seem to have gotten you down :)

    I voted for you a few days ago, good luck and congrats on being shortlisted! I love your blog and think you're one of the most creative and fashionable bloggers around so fingers crossed for you :) x

  18. Sounds amazing :) & you looked so so gorgeous- no wonder you got street style snapped so much.
    The mini party from Gems video looks amazing, so glad you had a good time
    I never took hardly any photos either! So annoying x

  19. ahh there's me!! yay!!
    it was so awesome to meet you Vicki!!

    Charlotte x

  20. Your dress is actually amazing, I am in love with it!! Good luck with the Cosmo awards!!

  21. I love your dress! Glad you had a nice time at LFW :)
    I was the same and meant to take loads of pictures but was so absorbed in how much was going on that when I got home I realised I'd only taken a few!
    Looks like you've been having a great time :) x


  22. I follow two other of the bloggers who you posted photos of, so that's really cute to see (though I followed you before them). I love this dress! It is so pretty and unique!

  23. It sounds like such an amazing time! Love the pictures that you did take. Eeek how exciting that must have been!

  24. Sounds like you guys all had a fabulous time and I am loving your dress the print and shape is perfect on you. It is funny how you always end up wishing you had taken more pictures but the pictures you took captured your time and it also shows you were having so much fun xoxo

  25. ohh congrats on being shortlisted I will hop on over there now and vote for you I love your blog and you deserve it xoxo

  26. Oh my God I am so in love with your dress! It's amazingly pretty!

    I can't imagine to be a blogger at a Fashion Week, I think it would all be too overwhelming for me haha :)

  27. so jealous! you look fab!

    will be sure to vote for you, being a fellow northerner/ favourite blogger and all :)

    best of luck ! x

  28. You had such a pretty dress on! ^^ Love it.

    Wow, looks amazing & like you had fun too! :>

    thanks for stopping by, Vicki. I was just browsing through H&M's webpage and had to put some things on my wishlist, too!

    xx indie by heart

  29. best of luck with the Cosmo awards n that...

  30. You look so pretty! Love the dress. You got to meet soo many fab bloggers! So happy you had an amazing time sweets!
    x x

  31. Your outfit is amazing, especially the dress!
    Absoluetly love it. :)

    I went yesterday, worked on the Kokon to Zai show which was incredible!

    Emma Xx


  32. Your dress and loafers are lovely. This event sounds amazing, I'm sorry the questioning wasn't in depth enough, but I'm sure crumpets would win anyone over!



  33. Congrats and good luck with Cosmo!!

    Enjoyed this post, and your outfit is adorable :)


  34. So jealous you got to go to LFW, great post to sum up what looks like an amazing time!
    Tilly M x


  35. So sad to have missed you, Vicki. Next time! xoxo

  36. yaaaaaay you finally met jen! the amount of times i've met jen and she reminds me of you!!! xxxx

  37. Looks like so much fun! I'm so jealous you got meet some other amazing bloggers :)

    Good luck for Cosmo - I've voted for you xx

  38. Ahhhh your dress! I saw it on ASOS and wanted it, but I've bought so much this month I've had to tell myself no... I now have complete dress envy! :(
    Quirky blog though, loving it!

    Sarah xXx


  39. very Help Full Post. Look Some Different here at upsc syllabus