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Thursday, June 02, 2011

So saying my 'its just a little crush' feature has gone down well with you guys and Ive managed to keep it up for a whole 2 weeks in a row I thought Id add another feature to the mix..
Ok so for those of you living in the UK Im sure you have heard of a show on TV called Come dine with me. Where 4/5 people invite strangers over to their house for a dinner party and they get judged by each other..
Well I decided to have a virtual come dine with me feature, each month Ill pick a different blogger and get them to share which other bloggers they would invite and what their night would have in store!

I thought it would be a fun way to get to know some lovely ladies better :)
The first lovely lady is Jazmine from Jazzabelles Diary...


What other bloggers would you invite to your come dine with me party?

Oh, now that's a difficult question! I adore so many bloggers and I'm now friends with many, so choosing only four people to invite to my dinner party is very tricky indeed! My list will probably change tomorrow, but right now I'd quite like to invite Lucy from Snippets of Shiny Thoughts, Carrie from WishWishWish, Winnie from Diamond Canopy and Kristabel from I Want You to Know. They are all bloggers I have met on numerous occasions and we all get on rather well, so it would be a great excuse for us to catch up with one another!

Would you have a theme or a dress code?

I can't think of a specific theme or dress code I would have for my party, but I would definitely ask people to dress up and look quite formal and fancy.

What would you be wearing?

I'd most likely wear my The Kooples shorts, a little belt, Bertie heeled boots and a pretty charity shop shirt - a staple outfit of mine!


What drinks would you have on offer?

I'd try and provide a mix of drinks which I think all my guests would like, including mango juice, orange juice, white wine, rosé wine and maybe even a few sneaky homemade cocktails! Also, at the end of the night I would serve hot chocolate, with plenty of whipped cream, marshmallows, cinnamon and grated chocolate.

What would you cook for the night?

For the starter I'd serve creamy sweet potato soup with homemade croutons, which I'd most likely make earlier on in the day so I could just reheat it when my guests arrive, allowing me to spend more time with them at the start of the party. For the main I'd either cook my signature individual cottage pies with a side of vegetables, or a breast of chicken on a bed of creamy leeks with roast potatoes and sweet potatoes. Another main meal I would possibly cook is another favourite dish of mine - pork chops with roast potatoes, honey roast parsnips, carrots and caramelized onions. For dessert, I'd either make a lemon cheesecake, rhubarb crumble with custard, or I'd attempt to make a hot chocolate souffleì. Though perhaps I could even try to make a trio of desserts with all three! I'd also provide little canapés for my guests thoughout the night.


Would there be entertainment or music? if so what?

Thoughout the evening I'd have music by Blondie, Queen and Spandau Ballet (and basically anything else that is regularly played on Magic fm!) on in the background, or any music my guests would like to bring with them. After dessert, I'd most likely get everyone to play the Nintendo Wii, Singstar, or in true blogger style we'd all go downstairs and take some outfit pictures for our blogs!

How do you think your guests would mark your efforts at the end of the night?

I'd hope that my guests would mark me highly, as I like to think I make quite a good host, plus whenever I do something I always try to put my heart into it!


Jasmine had mentioned to me that her and Daniela, Susie and Sherin had actually talked about doing this for real just a few days before I emailed her!

Thanks for taking part Jasmine! xo
Hope you guys like my new feature! :)

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  1. I just checked her blog and I'm in awe! She has such a exquisite sense of style! Thank you for sharing, one more awesome blogger to follow!

  2. Absolutely loving this feature! I also now adore Jazmine even more than I did before. Her menu sounds amazing!

  3. How fun! I love Come Dine With Me so a bloggy version of it is brilliant.

  4. This is such a good feature idea, very big fan of Come Dine With Me over here! Jazmine has amazing style and is apparently a great cook too - perfect!x

  5. Such a fab blog post!

    I'm a huge CDWM fan (although I imagine I would be the nightmare guest who doesn't eat anything hehe) and totally have an idea in my head of what I'd serve (and what I wouldn't do!!) ;)

    Think I'll be watching more re-runs on 4od this weekend! :) x

  6. I've never watched Come Dine With Me, only seen snippets here and there, but this sounds like a brilliant party and the drinks and food sound delicious. I also love this as a feature on your blog, and sorry for not commenting sooner! xxx

  7. She's so nice. I've been following her for a while and I wouldn't mind being invited to her dinner! Hehe

    Thank you for commenting on my blog :) xxx

  8. love these pictures... this is really cool feature

  9. Such a good idea for a feature! Love it!
    Jazmine's pictures are amazing, especially that first one.

  10. LOL! I'm American but actually have seen that show on BBC America-- such a funny show! Great job tweaking that idea for a great feature! :)

  11. Love this idea for a post - it also reminds me of the dinner party question they always ask in Vanity Fair.


  12. I watch "Come Dine With Me" on BBC America. I think it's absolutely hilarious. Love that show!

    Jazmine has such an eclectic style. Great interview. Glad I found her on here.

  13. oooh this is a nice idea! i look forward to reading the next one!
    plus how cute is jazmine in general! ha. X

  14. Hahaa!!Vicki I LOVE this idea, and Jazmine's answers are fab. I wants me one of those hot chocs! mmmmmm x

  15. Hehe, yeah: We're planning a come dine with me project. It should be so much fun.. Now I know her tricks, I'd be able to do better, hehe.
    Come Dine With Me is definitely one of my favourite shows.

  16. love the idea of a blogger come dine with me! jazzmine's dinner party sounds lovely xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  17. wow she has great style! haha love her answer with the numerous of different drinks!

  18. She's amazing, love her blog!

  19. I love Jazmine and this is such a good feature! :)

    Maria xxx

  20. I love the nwfature and I hav ben following Jazmin for a while :)

  21. Hi Vicki! Wow, your blog has changed since the last time I've been here! I'm catching up on all your post and loving it! This is a great feature and such a brilliant idea! I wish that we'll have a Fashion Bloggers Convention one day where all the bloggers from the world can come and participate. Wouldn't it be amazing? xoxoxoxo

  22. Love the feature,she got grt ur style too..its amazing:-)
    much love,

  23. thank-you for the sweet comment, you've made me really happy hehe :3 i also love your blog, definitely going to follow you now. I so want to come to ireland, especially after watching p.s i love you! xx

  24. Oooh fun new feature, loving it! My friends and I actually did our own CDWM, with laminated score cards and everything {yep, we went to town on it}. Was so much fun. Best of all was Results Night where we got together for drinks and nibbles and watched back the video scoring we'd all done at each of the four evenings {hilarious as people were invariably drunk in each of them}

  25. Fantastic feature, great idea & interesting to read!

  26. Finally blogger also me to say how much I love Jazmine and her blog. She's so lovely IRL, it's always a joy to meet her.

    Love the post idea, Vicki!


  27. i'm not sure if i commented on this post already (i'm so sorry if i didn't!), but thank-you ever so much for featuring me vicki! you are so kind. i can't wait to see the future posts! :)