In my ole lady handbag...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ive wanted to do an 'in my bag' post for awhile, I did one last year when I first started blogging properly and I know what I carry round now is completely different to back then.. So after giving my bag a little tidying, getting rid of the 99 receipts and sweetie wrappers..yup im a bag hoarder..every girl has to have sweets her handbag though, am I right!?

I dont change my bag that often although Im trying to make an effort too..
so the bag im currently carrying round is this 'ole ladybag' as i call it..from asos.
paperchase diary, billybag leather wallet, crown and glory hair pins, diy
heart brooch.
collection 17 balmy beige lipstick..lipstick still kinda daunts me I dunno why so
I love this neutral shade..
My handy netbook that snuggly fits in my bag, great for blogging on the go,
harrods spotty coin purse gift from jo.
collection 17 hot chilli lipstick, lemon lipbalm, grey stone ring.
I use a dslr for my outfit posts but always carry this little compact around
just incase..

other random items: Burts bees hand salve, Echinaforce herbal tonic,
half a packet of softmints..

I always seem to have half a packet of softmints and never a whole packet...I blame mint munching Dave ;)

So there you go.. thats what I carry around with me everyday..not that exciting yet somehow I cant live without these things!

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  1. Lipstick is ridiculously daunting to me! If I ever did purchase it, it would be in a neutral shade! I've got the exact same camera as well :) I love the effects on your photo's!

  2. you should just go for it with lipstick i think brights would really suit you! I love lipstick. still never had the guts to wear it to work yet though.

  3. Asos have such amazing bags! Yours is lovely. I quite enjoy the DIY broach & lippy x

  4. Oh I forgot for just a moment how to spell *Brooch :)

  5. Ooo your bag is lovely! And your netbook fits in it?!
    I need to replace mine =( it's starting to actually fall apart lol! I carry a lot around... I've gone for black so many times I am thinking a lighter colour.

    *searchs asos*

  6. omg that bag is the cutest ever. i think we carry pretty similar stuff around too, sweets and all xo

  7. i love these posts because im so nosy, lots of nice treats in your bag =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  8. Aah Vicki you always manage to make everything look so pretty - I really love these photo's! [as usual XD]. Glad someone else is a sweet carrier too - it's got to be done right? x

  9. very cute post! I love the button heart :)

  10. I have to carry my diary with me everywhere, I'm so forgetful. I always have my powder and eyeliner too xx

  11. That handbag is really cute.

  12. I love the bag, and I love nosey-ing at what people keep in their handbags.

    Love I'm not the only one who needs to have sweeties in their bag too

  13. I adore your bag! I love these posts so I'm always happy to see new ones. Total sweet, pen and receipt hoarder too! It's just so easy to chuck everything in and forget about it!

  14. i LOVE your handbag! the color of it would match soo many things! and it is totally not old lady!!! and the contents inside? adorable!!

  15. I love your bag! hehe it's always interesting going through people's bags :)

  16. That's an adorable bag. The contents of mine aren't nearly as cute!

  17. haha i'm pretty sure all of my bags are ole ladybags.... oh well! (: yours is cute. what what for burt's bees! (:

  18. aww everything in your bag is so cute and neat, mines a big ole mess hehe. love your bag too its the cutest

  19. Glad I'm not the only one who finds lipstick daunting! I have one lipstick and the colour is almost exactly the same as my natural colour anyway, ahaha. :)

    Jealous of that bag, it'a gorgeous!

  20. Love your bag it looks such a cute size! My bag is always full of receipts and sweet wrappers, and hair clips! Top marks for carrying Echinaforce around with you, my mum is always moaning at me to take it! x

  21. I love your bag, it's so compact and I like how everything fits perfect. The diary is so cute xx

  22. yay for someone else who carries a I'd be so lost without mine!

  23. ahh i love this! i carry a diary too. great lippy :) xx

  24. That bag is simply darling. I love love love the color! Perfect for spring!

  25. what an adorable bag...and you have cute stuff in it. me? i've got 18 thousand receipts/old grocery lists, a diaper or 8, and my drivers license. but never a pen for some reason. why oh why don't i carry around a pen?!
    -brittney (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)

  26. The bag is goregous. I love seeing the contents of people's bags. Glad I'm not the only one that ends up with receipts galore in their bag. X

  27. Your bag looks too small for a netbook, it's like a Mary Poppins bag!

  28. You carry around the sweetest things. You are a delicate flower. I love your hair color!*

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  29. i have a day to page diary which i habve to carry around with me everywhere and would be lost without - which makes bags a little tricky, as it's a5 size..
    i wish i used my netbook more, i do't have internet at my house so i never think about it i guess!

  30. Such a cute bag & I love the little change purse inside too!! Paperchase is a great place to find sweet stationary!! I love bags & try to change mine often, so they stay in good condition. I always find sweety wrappers in my bags too..should always have them :) Have a great weekend dollface!! xx