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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Ive been toying with the idea of doing a make up post, on make up I use for a while now.. but
two things have been putting me off. For one Im not a make up expert in any way and my make up bag may not be that interesting. Secondly I didnt like the idea of photographing my actual make up (its a state!)
So instead I found the images online of the products I use..

No7 Foundation, I tend to change colours depending on the season.. lighter colour in winter, darker colour for bronzed skin in summer. Currently I'm using colour: New Ivory.
Mario Badescu healing powder I wear under my foundation to help with an oily T-zone and to prevent spots. Blusher: Bourjois 33 Lilas D'or (its like a coral gold shimmer)
Too Faced Snow Bunny, I use the pink tone side to sweep over my blusher and down my nose.

Eyes: Ok so as a base I use the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette: Silk Teddy colour and Honey Pot.Then if Im going for a smokey eye I use Cocoa Puff which is a chocolate brown. I find black too harsh with my pale skin. Then either a slick of Fast Stroke collection 2000 in brown or Rimmel liquid liner in brown. If i fancy wearing a colour on my eyes I use the Too Faced Insurance Policy palette usually colour Socialite (rusty red colour) or Skinny Dip (navy blue). My fav mascara is Rimmel Volume Lash.
I dont wear lipstick or even lipgloss that often..mainly just to glam myself up at night,
when i do I love Barry M Orange and Nude although they are very chalky so I apply lipgloss or lipbalm first. I love Burts Bees Beewax lipbalm and use it everyday. For my nails I have a slight addiction to Barry M matt polishes which ive mentioned on my blog before and tweeted about..
currently im alternating between Mushroom and Grey. I really want a matt navy colour too though..and for xmas ill be breaking out the Barry M glitter red.
So there you have it.. my make up essentials.. whats in your make up bag? what product cant you live without?

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  1. great post!!!

    lovely <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  2. woah. i always feel like a total make-up noob when people post about their makeup, i only use a foundation and a mascara, and eyeliner, very boring!
    i couldn't live without a pot of carmex though! :)

  3. I use Glimmerstick Eye Liner, Invisible Light Concealer and Ideal Shade Smooth Mineral Foundation all from Avon, as well as Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls on my cheeks.
    I love my Ecotools Recycled Retractable Kabuki Brush (frome Boots) for applying my foundation - its so soft, its like a mini face massage!
    Eye shadow I use anything in mink and creams. I add shimmery ones for a night time look and add a dark purple or silver.
    Lips I normally just use lip balm (Tesco Derma intensive original - how extravagant ;) ! ) But I do love the benefit lip glosses (eps. talk to my agent) as they last ages.

  4. I felt the same about my make-up before I did my beauty post a while back. I'm also a fan of no7 foundation (:

  5. Where do you get the Mario Badescu healing powder from? Sounds like just the thing I need! x

  6. I love reading about other people's makeup - probably cos I'm a total novice myself! I use mainly MAC stuff and given the amount that cost me earlier in the year, I'm not buying anything else until it's all worn out! I just find it really hard to shell out on stuff that I don't know will work for me.

  7. fabulous post,

    I love the Bourjouis little round pot blushers, I have quite a collection of them!

  8. ive been looking to buy that too faced neutral eye pallete

  9. Thank you for you comment, I'm so in love with your blog! It's fab! x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  10. LOVE Burt's Bees and Barry M!

  11. Burts Bees lip balms are the best! I love those Barry M colours. I've never tried any Too Faced stuff but it looks very pretty x

  12. As you know i've recently made a post about my makeup, so i have to say I love yours so much ^^
    Great choices!!! I really liked the eye palette*

  13. Just found your blog and lovin' it already!
    I also LOVE thoose nail varnish's. I haven't ever seen a matte navy colour but Models Own 'In The Navy' with a matte topcoat (Rimmel do a very good one)!

  14. I remember when you were doubtful about trying the mushroom polish!

    It's always interesting to see what make up people use, and the products they'd recommend. I use the No7 foundation too. It's meant to be their lightest shade, but it still comes out a bit too orangey for me.

    Is the Barry M orange lipstick very bright? I was going to try out Mac's 'morange'.

  15. Great post! Love the Barry M nail polishes =)

  16. eyeliner and blusher snap! i use lots of benefit stuff and MAC too - they always seem to be in goodie bags but their strobe liquid + red lippy is the bomb! i don't wear foundation but i like benefit you rebel moisturiser xx

  17. love your make up!
    and i am posting one next week :) hehe.
    its all been a bit hectic since our meeting. had so much to catch up on!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  18. i might have to try that foundation, usually i can't get anything light enough for my skin.

  19. loving this post! I am in love with barry m mushroom at the minute :) such good coverage! x

  20. They're all great choices! I need some new things for my face! xoxoxoxo

  21. I love that No7 foundation :)
    I use it all the time! Tad upset when the price went up a few months ago but had to keep buying!! :) Also just bought that fast stroke eyeliner today :)

    Thanks for commenting on my interview on Fashion Train :) <3

  22. oh thank you so much for your comment hun, oh I love your makeup pictures (yeah my makeup is well used too) ....if I photographed mine no one would be able to read the label :)

    I am an uber fan of Barry M, I have both those colours, it last's forever and rarely chaps. Great post loving your picks. xx

  23. Maybe it's the voyeuristic side of me, but I'm so glad you did this post! I love sneaking a peek at what's in others' makeup bags, purses, etc.

  24. Lovely idea for a post. I'm obsessed with matt nail varnishes too, although my favourite brand at the moment is Models Own. Love the nude & 'mushroom' colours too.

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