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Friday, November 05, 2010

I got this sketch while I was off sick and it was the best get well present ever! How pretty is it with all the butterflies? and I love that my hair is coloured in bright orange. :)
A big thank you to Astrid for this beautiful illustration I love it!!

So I know Halloween is over and all, and it seems every retail shop is now full of Christmas stuff.. but I still love this time of year and want to drag it out as long as possible.. so here are few photos from my Halloween week.

Little Wiggley dressed as a Bumblebee...

My first pumpkin carving in years! Im a little rusty..

My friend lent me these House of Night books, kinda like harry potter meets twilight, not to be taken too seriously but im so hooked.. this is the third of seven books in the series.

Autumn flowers, love the colours this time of year..

Finally started making a dress out of this lovely spotted fabric that i thought would be great for this time of year. I haven't made a dress from scratch in years..if the end results are wearable I promise to do an outfit post of it asap.

Things I'm loving at the min:
Starbucks Mocha Frappcino with chocolate chips.
Barry M grey nail polish..
Spending the weekend with Dave with lots of fun plans made!
Also loving the fact that my friends band where supporting Marina and the diamonds!!
very tiny clip here on youtube for anyone who's curious..

Whats everyone else loving this Friday afternoon?

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  1. Awww I Love this post, can't wait to see the dress, great fabric. Grats to your friend!! I love the illustration, fnatastic. Xxx

  2. Aw great post Vicki! I love the illustration, so pretty! And that dress is going to be fantastic! :) x

  3. Wiggley is the cutest little bumble bee I've ever seen!

  4. OHmygosh! That dog is so cute it makes me want to cry!

  5. I think wiggley should have his own style blog ;)
    how cute is he?!!

  6. gosh how cute is that pic of your pug! :O

  7. Loveeeee the dog <3

    great post! lovely <3


  8. Your dog is too much cuteness!

  9. Thank you : D The fabric looks great, curios what it;s going to look like!
    and dogs in costums = magic <3

  10. You pug is the cutest! I love comfy shoes since at the moment I'm wearing some really uncomfortable ones! Can't wait to see the dress you make!


  11. That sketch is fantastic! No wonder it cheered you up! :)
    Your pug is so cute in that outfit too! xx

  12. beautifull pics! love your painting! indeed a wonderfull present!
    p.s. check my blog out, new post and i would like to know your opinion cause you are so so stylish girl!

  13. oh my, that sketch is just beautiful!

  14. That sketch is gorg! And your puppy is insanely adorable!

    x Nia


  15. the illustrations amazinggg, also love the doggie outfit thats just ridiculously cute!! you have a really lovely hair colour, jealous!xx

  16. Your dog is the cutest thing! I wish mine would let me dress her up

    -Shoeless Simone

  17. Love the illustration, it's really sophisticated and I love her style. Can't wait to see the dress you make!

  18. Just stumbled upon your blog, and love it! xx

  19. ahh how cute does the dog look, and that illustration is lovely.

  20. Beautiful sketch!


  21. wow! great blog and perfect desing :)
    i follow you !

  22. Feel better! I have had a cold for a while. I know how you feel love.

  23. i read the post title and went EH OH EH OH like the luciana song then realised thats probably not what you meant haha! love that pic, so kind of them!

    and youre right, spell your name however you please :)

  24. i love that picture aren't you lucky and you're little doggy looks absolutely adorable hehe cute blog xxx

  25. Ohh how cute cute cute. Take a look on my blog and feel free to follow me, I'm following you. I would love if we could follow each other, ohh and if you have twitter you can add me too or facebook . I would be so glad. ♥, Jo

  26. Wiggley melts my heart every time! Rob has always resisted the lure of the pug but I showed him a few pictures of your two and now I have him convinced! He's in love. They are adorable! x