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The Matalan Shoot, London...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

So finally here are some of my many photos from the Matalan catwalk video shoot last week,
as I said in my previous post I flew to London ridiculously early Tuesday morning
and headed to the fabulous Shoreditch Studios for the day.

First I was introduced to Hair and Make up.. how gorgeous is the model?

I had the lovely pleasure of meeting these lovely ladies and fellow bloggers: Becca from Fashion Train, Catherine from Perfectly Polished, Sabrina from a little obsessed.

The studios were in a beautiful building, it was two separate rooms divided by these beautiful brick was used at the changing/staging area with blogging station in one corner and kitchen stocked with drinks and coffee and nimbles to keep us going! The other was set up as the catwalk.

Couldn't resist the cliche in the mirror shot..

The Catwalk...

The make up..oh my..

The shoes!!
Loved these patent leather heels with bow cute..

The jewellery...

The Clothes.. my favourite has to be the Be Beau collection..

The stylist working with the model to make sure the dress looked just right before heading down the runway..

Taking a break and getting in some blogging and much needed tweeting!

It was such an amazing day and was great to see all the fabulous pieces hitting Matalan this autumn and winter and to see how things work back stage at one of these shows! It was so nice to meet the Matalan team and the lovely Olivia who I feel I know so well through all our emailing! And of course the lovely Becca, Catherine and Sabrina who where all fabulous! Thanks girls for making me feel welcome at my first proper blogger meet up and event! :) xo

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  1. Looked like a lot of fun!!!
    When does the new stuff hit the shops?

  2. Wow, amazing pics sounds like you had an awesome time. xo

  3. Love it! How exciting!


  4. Wow this looks like an awesome day! x

  5. love it! the jewelery looks awesome and not to mention the shoes!

    (new post: now playing on my iTunes library...
    & follow me)

  6. You all look great!!Looks like so much fun!

  7. Oh it looks like you had a great time. Love all the behind the scenes photos :)

  8. ooh, boy, those shoes are all drool-worthy! looks like you had a blast!

  9. wahooooo! it was lovely meeting you vickkk!
    i have done my first london post, i'm going to do two more i think :)
    but i do love yours!!
    what's gonna happen to all your other pictures?
    like the ones by the bus etc....
    ahahaa, and how come you never added me on facebook! xxxxx

  10. Very nice! Loved looking through these pics!

  11. ...and how'd you manage to still look so fresh-faced and lovely when getting up at 4.30am? The secret? Please and thank you!

  12. Aww this looks so cool ! :P and you all look greeeeat =)

  13. L O V E the shoes!!!

    i just bumped into your's realy cute!

    xoxo from rome

  14. This looks so fun! Your outfit is adorable - Love you hair! x

  15. This looks like it was a lot of fun! Glad to know you had a good experience being there.

    I don't know too many people allergic to cigarette smoke but I know exactly what you mean about headaches. Also I end up sniffling so much and start sneezing like crazy when around it. It makes it hard to talk a little too for some reason. I am so glad that I am not around second hand smoke at all these days. . .but I was all the time. Thankfully my dad will smoke outside for my boys' sake (wish he was kind enough to me when I was a kid and asked him to smoke elsewhere). My dad is allergic to cigarette smoke too but he smokes, so it never made sense to me at alllllll. I'm glad to hear your boyfriend quit for you. that must have been hard, no? My husband used to smoke when he was about 14-15 but that was before I met him, otherwise I would have never dated him (I was strict on a no-dating smoking policy). haha.

  16. Looks amazing! I'm going to my first blogger event on thursday, cant wait!

  17. That looks like a lot of fun and those shoes are great!


  18. Hi! Just found your blog through Walk of Fashion, and I love it! I'm your newest follower. :)

  19. I love the new layout! It's adorable! And you look so pretty in these photos. It looks like you had a great time. :)

  20. How exciting! I love the sneak peeks of the Matalan collection - those worker boots in particular look fab!

    Glad you had fun. I want to meet you next please! :) x

  21. This looks brilliant - what an amazing experience. xx

  22. What an awesome event and meet-up, Vicki! Looked like you girls had a blast! Thank you for sharing ur pics:)

  23. Thanks for the comment. Looks like you had a wonderful time at this. And as a side note, you have the most amazing hair!!! I love the colour :)

  24. Oh looks like you had amazing time! I'm going to London tomorrow... Super excited!! :D x

  25. Great photos! looks like an awesome experience xxx

  26. Cool pictures!!
    Which camera do you have? Your pictures are great!

  27. Great photos :) It look like you all had a great time!! Those black heels are just perfect.. and the scenario is gorgeous - the arches are amazing! hmm***

  28. What a perfect day! Love the mirror shot xoxox :)

  29. Great pics! Love all of those pieces (:


  30. nice pitures. qute blog! :-)

  31. I love this post!!!)))
    Very, very nice blog)))

  32. looks like a funny day! I discover your blog and you're speciall!
    I follow you.
    Kisses! ;)

  33. Wicked! I'm loving your vintage-y shots. :)

  34. wow, what an amazing day!
    i love you blog - following! :P x

  35. fabulous blog :) . thanks for sharing this post too .

    do feel free to check out/ follow 'betsie'

    'making a perpetual pageant...of fashion'

  36. i'm so pleased you posted this so i can put some imagery to your day!

  37. So much fun! Great pictures!

    johanna, sweden