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A little bit of Wisdom...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So this is basically a little pity post!! Just to say im still alive!! I mentioned on Friday that my wisdom tooth was giving me bother, well on Monday morning I had an emergency appointment with my dentist to find that it had grown down into my cheek! Yea ouch!! So it had to be yanked out there and then.. Ive been off work since then as my face has swollen up like a balloon..attractive!! I feel rough!! A liquid diet is not fun.. ok so i think I have complained enough! lol..
A proper post will be up tomo! the next Take Ten challenge!! (photos taken pre bloated face!) So be sure to stop by tomorrow and see what item the Take Ten girls where sent by our new sponsor and how we all worked it :) xo

Promise to read and reply to all comments as soon as Im feeling better! Ive also decided to let my Giveaway of Matalan boots, amazon vouchers, Designer scarf and Dorothy Perkins waistcoat run for another week until this Sunday. So you can still enter by leaving comments below.
(scroll bk to the giveaway post to see the entry requirements)

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  1. a like your blog!


  2. Aw hun, that sounds so painful and rubbish.

    Get well soon. xx

  3. on no.
    feel better soon my love.
    been there, done that. :)
    drink a yummy milkshake!

  4. Hope you feel better soon. Wisdom teeth are horrible xoxo

  5. Oh Vicki, you poor thing! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Looking forward to the next Take Ten challenge :)

  6. Oh dear, i know exactly how you feel... i had all my FOUR wisdom teeth removed this year -.-
    Anyway, keep thinking positive! The liquid diet will be over soon :)
    Good luck and i'm looking forward to read the next posts ***

  7. Awwwww lady!!!
    Poor you! i feel your pain, i had to get a teeny bit of my jaw bone chiselled to get one of mine out...yeeeeouch
    I hope you feel better soon lovely xoxoxo

  8. Oh this is terrible! I had my wisdom teeth pulled at the same and I definitely needed those few days of recovery at home.
    No worries, we'll all just be patiently waiting your next extremely stylish move!

    Feel better! Cold smoothies were really helpful for me.

  9. aww i had mine pulled a few months ago. I know how it feels. my face didn't puff up at all though (I had ice on it for a couple days so it wouldn't) but that sounds so sad. Let me take pity on you :: caresses your hair and tells you it is all worth it and going to feel great in a while and that you are still very lovely ::

  10. oh no! I hope you feel better soon! getting your wisdom teeth pulled out is the worst ever!

  11. Oooh that does not sound like much fun at all!

    I hope you start making a swift recovery...

    Looking forward to seeing the next Take Ten challenge :)

  12. Get well soon lady! The exact same thing happened to me in january and it was pretty much the worse thing thats ever happened to me :( x

  13. oohh OUCH! i'm so sorry, love, that must be painful! i hope you feel better soon, sweetie. i'm sending you get well wishes! <3

  14. Hope you feel better soon. I had a rough time with my wisdom teeth too. I looked like a chipmunk. My cheeks were so puffy. lol.

  15. Girl poor you!! My sister is going thru the same thing, only that her teeth are pinching her jaw nerves so yeah, she's getting them out Friday hopefully. Hope you feel tons better!


  16. Hope you're feeling better:) Looking forward to tomorrows post!

  17. This outfit is lovely! I've never come across your blog before so I'm going to take a look now :)