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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

These photos were taken the weekend before I left for Cyprus, me and Dave headed down to view a new housing development were they renovated an old mill into 8 new homes. Yes me and dave are that stage were we are starting to talk about living together..crazy! We hope to move to New York in 2 years after Dave has finished his phd so we are trying to decide whether its worth trying to get on the property ladder over here to sell in 2 years..
anyways im rambling!
The road the houses were on was so picturesque and we found the cutest little bridge and stream so we stopped to explore and took some pictures :) x

Fringed Tee: Very.co.uk, Leggings: H&M, Sandals: Faith, Leather clutch: Limited Edition, Rose necklace: Cutiepie, Rings: random market in Paris.

just for anyone who doesnt know im currently in Cyprus on holiday, i set this post to publish itself as i wrote it before i left, please continue to leave your lovely comments and I promise to catch up with everyone once i get back :) x

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  1. Wonderful outfit! I really love fringed, 80's like tops.

  2. you look beautiful!!
    i love the fringing
    belle xx
    ellabellevintage.blogspot.com xx

  3. Love this tee on you!
    Cute setting, and can't believe you are NY bound in 2 years. Lucky thing!!

    Hope you are having a fab time in Cyprus!


  4. These pictures are amazing, what a beautiful location!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  5. i love your outfit so much, particularly the frill detail x


  6. I love fringing on t-shirts, I once had an attempt to make my own but it didn't got so well.

    Lovely rings too x

  7. Lovely rings! Rings are most certainly my weakness. Lovely pictures as always.
    Enjoy your holiday,

    Lou x - craftyandquirky.blogspot.com

  8. Beautiful pictures :) The fringe shirt is awesome! x

  9. I love that tee shirt! And your moving to new york?! Amazing.

    Pretty Much Penniless giveaway!

  10. love your rings! and oh my goodness, i want to move to new york so bad one day... we could be neighbors! ;)

  11. what a lovely little spot! your nails go with the colour of your hair!

  12. oh! theese pics seems they are from a fairytale!

  13. i love the colour of your nail polish^.^
    where do you always find so beautifull places o.o
    and you hair looks so awesome
    i love the pictures♥

  14. as soon as I saw the first shot I had Rio by Duran duran in my head like crazy. hehe.

  15. Love the fringing - so pretty!

    Your New York plans sound oh-so exciting. We have similar dreams, but not sure we'll ever pull it off! We're still renting though, so the option's always there. Hope your holiday's going well! xx

  16. Hope you enjoy your holiday! x

  17. What photo editing software you use? Your photosare amazing

  18. Vicki, how exciting for u and dave!:) the area is gorgeous! hope ure enjoying ur holiday!


  19. These pictures are beautiful. And my boyfriend and I are also at a similar stage where we're talking about moving in together next spring. A little less than a year away but still something we have to keep in mind. It's an exciting place to be.

  20. Vicki! I am nominating you for the UK Cosmo blog award contest! I really think you should post it and try to get people to nominate and vote for you, I think that you have the best fashion blog. So, here is the link, I think you should go for it! XO!

  21. Thanks for checking out my blog! Love the outfit, especially the tee


  22. I love the quality of your photos - do you edit them?
    Aaand of course, you look lovely as always :)


  23. I love that fringed tee shirt! It gives me great a idea of what could be done to an old random tee I have :]