Pug pics and a GIVEAWAY!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I mentioned in my last post that i spent the weekend at the coast teaching my pugs to swim and some you had asked to see the pics.. here they are.. Wiggley and Pudding at the beach...haha they got the hang of it..eventually!!

My brother helping pudding as she sets of for a swim..

Eating seaweed...yum..


So time for another giveaway!! :) this little floral number is courtesy of Matalan's Be Beau range,
isn't it cute? It has a slight puff ball shape and can be worn high waisted
or low on your hips. It is such a pretty multi coloured print I almost didnt want to part
with it :) The skirt is a size 10.

Ok so this giveaway is open to all my followers and is open for one week, so to enter
become a follower if you arent one and leave a comment below telling me
how you would wear this skirt, the best answer will be announced next week!

Also my dears, I have a favour to ask... I posted a few posts ago about a Model competition for, you win a shopping spree and get to model for their new collection. Well after all your words of encouragement I decided id enter the competition myself!! It goes on votes,
so if you have the time please vote for me HERE! :)
( Unfortunately i think you need to be signed into you facebook acc for this link to take you straight to me, if it doesnt work you search by name and type in VICKI.
Thanks everyone!! x

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  1. Aw, I'm so disappointed the skirt is a 10! If you think I could squeeze my size 12 behind into it, enter me please! :) I'd wear it with my purple pussybow blouse and tan heels. :)

  2. I love it! Enter me please. I'd tuck in a black vest and wear with turquoise wedges. Also- the dogs look soooo sweet on the beach! xx

  3. OMG- I love this skirt!
    I'm a follower (thru google reader)
    and I would wear this skirt with my new DIYed tick shoes (they're lavender), a white shirt, tons of metal necklaces and pink purse.

    So adorable!

  4. How cute are your dogs? I love pugs!
    the skirt is lovely, but unfortunately not my size! Oh well! Good luck to those who enter! xx

  5. Cute pugs! Please enter me! xx

  6. I'm following with bloglovin, I'll do google if you have to, but I just read all my blogs with bloglovin :)
    This would be FANTASTIC paired with sleeveless denim biker jacket. And mesh bag. (yes the matalan one!). As for a top.. my cream silk shirt. And plenty of necklaces.
    It would be mine

  7. So cute!! They look like they had a great time!! I adore that skirt!! The color is so pretty!! I'm so excited that you entered the modeling competition!! I'm rooting for you!! xoxoxoxoxo

  8. I have size 6...Pity!
    We have a tiny black poodle. I'll try to make a pic of him tomorrow :-)

  9. So cute dogs!
    The skirt is lovely, but unfortunately too small for me.. :(

  10. I am so excited about this giveaway! The skirt is adorable and it's just my size. :) I am a follower. :)

  11. I would wear it with with a purple skirt and a beige blazer with brown/beige heels and a Pug next to me (their are so cute)

    And I voted!

  12. I mean purple shirt! :')

  13. Ah lovely skirt!
    I am a follower! I would wear this with black heels with bows, and a blue vest tucked in, all secured nicely with a waist belt with a flower buckle to match the skirt.

    Lou x -

  14. Wiggesley and Pudding? Oh my God, I just died that's so cute. Pugs are the bomb.

  15. I love the names of your dogs. I am so glad you entered that contest!!! i AM GOING TO GO VOTE. Also I think the skir tis probably a little short for me so I would wear stockings or leggings with it and add a little vintage flair. I think I could pull something cute off with it. I love the design on it.

  16. Your dogs are so cute, and I love their names :')
    I'd wear the skirt with a pretty white blouse and some bright blue or yellow heels, with bare legs to complete the summer look :) ♥

  17. Oh I voted btw, it'd be amazing if you won. Good luck! ♥

  18. I'd wear the skirt with a plain white tank, a vintage-style necklace from such an online shop like Rock'n'Rose or Eclectic Eccentricity. Teamed up with some nude coloured brogues and white lace ankle socks to match the tank.
    Good luck with the competition!

  19. I would wear the skirt high waisted with a white t-shirt with stars coming down from the shoulder tucked in. I'd wear the butterfly necklace that my mum made for me. It would also look really good with my purple tights and my cream court shoes.
    Good luck with the modelling competition! x x x

  20. your pugs are adorable!!
    I think I'd wear it with a white or cream vest top, a long purple cardigan and teal heels! but I think I have so many things to wear with this, I'd have such fun dressing it up!
    all the best with the competition!

    Steph x -

  21. I would love to wear this skirt in summer high on my waist, with a grey deep-V t-shirt and sandals. On a cooler day, I might add some brightly colored tights to the mix and a denim jacket or vest.

    And good for you! Definitely voting. :)

  22. What a gorgeous skirt! I would love to wear it with a crisp white shirt and flats. It would make me TWIRL. I am a follower!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  23. OMG your doggies are SO CUTE!!! I love these photos. :)

    And what a fabulous giveaway! That skirt is absolutely GORGEOUS. I have a few bright colored tank tops that would look adorable with it.

    I hope you're having a great week, hon! xoxo

  24. How cute are they!!! Pudding is almost submerged! They need little arm bands!

    I would love this for myself, however I'm a 12/14. But....enter me please, as I have a friend who'd look perfect in this and I'd style her up with a simple striped cotton tee and lace socks and wedges.

    X x

  25. I'm a follower!

    It's such a cute skirt and I really want to wear it with white usamimi! (Do you know usamimi? It's like a headband with wire inside. You can style the ends into a rabbit-ear shape.)

    The rest of the outfit would be simple, just a white vest and a denim shirt knotted at the front...with the sleeves rolled up to show some metalic bangles. Shoes...preferably none, because I'm imagining a picnic by a river. But simple sandals or flip flops will do the job :)

  26. Great giveaway! Just became a follow and am now linking to your site from cause it's fab! :)

    I'd team it with blue heels, white v-neck tee with grey boyfriend blazer and accessorise with a long silver necklace and sparkly black clutch.

    I'll vote now, hope u win xx

  27. Im a follower.
    Your pugs are so adorable.
    I would wear a white cotton vest, maybe leather jacket and military boots for the edgy look. :)
    And some cute silver accesories.
    xxx <3

  28. i think this is proper adorable! great photos babe, and thanks for the comment, was really lovely of you :))

  29. Aww your pugs are too cute! Love them!

    I would love to enter your giveaway! I would wear that skirt with a white basic vest/tank top and a cute yellow or green cardigan with a nice necklace too. Oh and some canvas shoes.

    Here's my email just incase,

    Oh I voted for you, I want you to win!

  30. so so cute!!!fab photos;P
    thanks for your comment sweety!!

  31. Thanks for the comment on my blog! You have such amazing hair! Love your blog :)

    Stacey xx

  32. cute dogs, love the skirt, great blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

  33. Cute dog! I really really love your blog, i've decided to link your site :D

    AND OMG THAT SKIRT IS SUCH A GORGEOUS GIVEAWAY!!!I can imagine the great outfits that can go with it ;D

    Classique chérie

  34. loving the inspiration
    you've got a great blog, i'll be back for sure!
    if you've got three seconds and like cute clothes, head to and sign up - it's free and easy, a company launching their collection in the fall and i need 1,000 people to sign up so i can win an ipad! it would mean the world, thanks so much!
    keep up your wonderful blog.


  35. What a beautiful place, along the seaside.
    And how cute are you Doggies!
    Vanilah xx

  36. thanks for ur comment on my blog :)
    luv ur photos too.. and the skirt is so cute!!

  37. oh my, that's too funny! and they are so adorable!

    in regards to the skirt, i would TOTALLY wear it high-waisted as i'm really into that at the moment. probably would pair it with my mustard purse, slouchy boots and for the top..i'd go with (that's tough, there are SO MANY color options that would look great!) a tucked in tank top, perhaps made of lace.

    have a great weekend!
    jess s//

    ps//made some changes to the blog [was Hippie Frou Frou] now check it out and seeeeeee!

  38. love it
    great blog


    see my blog

  39. I love pugs! <3
    Because of the print I'd try and keep things simple - so light grey knee-highs, simple blouse and maybe a flower in my hair!

  40. aww your dogs are so cute! i love pugs

  41. That skirt is really pretty! Those pugs are adorable! Haha, it seems like they make funny noises too ^^; I love the pictures of them playing in the water!

  42. Just Voted!!!! Hope you win lovely girl


  43. For the giveaway, I think I'd wear this dress with some unexpected black cowboy boots! My email: Anie.

  44. I think because the skirt is so beautiful, I'd wear it with a simple 3/4 sleeve black V-neck, so that way the focus stays on the skirt! and I'd wear these with some fun wedges to keep the look summer-y.

    Just voted for you in the competition, good luck xx

  45. Oh gosh love the pugs pictures!!! and great skirt!!=)

  46. Lovely dog!

    Please Visit & Join


  47. I love your outfit here - super pretty!
    I've just stumbled across your blog and i love it :)

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Argh, my html went wrong, hence the deleted comment!

    Anyway, your dogs are so, so cute!

    I'd love to enter the give away! That skirt is fab!

    At the moment I'm loving the utilitarian look so I'd wear

    this structured top:

    tucked in loosley, a few long necklaces and


    military buckle peep toes to contrast with the floral print and give it an edgier appearance.