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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ok so Ive set this post to publish on Tuesday (today as you reading this) On Saturday evening ( how confusing!) I flew to Cyprus for two weeks and I did not take my laptop with me. As I will be absent from the blogging world.. but i have set up a few posts to publish while I am away. I am so excited for my holiday and hope i don't get burnt to a crisp!!

I will try and keep you updated through twitter, and I will reply to comments as soon as I return. I hope you continue to stop by my blog in the next two weeks and leave all your lovely comments as usual!!

How cute are these suitcases, wish mine was a sweet vintage case like this although id be worried of it getting damaged on the plane..anyways I thought for this post Id share with you what ive packed for my holiday, i HATE packing and planning what to bring so far in advance and trying to be pratical with the number of shoes bags etc i bring.. its hard!!

So this is what I finally decided on:

4 Bikinis, 2 new and 2 old

1 kaftan

1 flip flips ( for the beach)

1 plastic jelly shoe sandal featured in wednesday's post (for the beach)

gun metal grey flat sandal ( for day and night)

brown bejwelled gladiator flat sandals ( for day and night)

Multi strap wedges ( for night)

1 denim shorts & 1 denim skirt

3 pairs of high waisted shorts

Rose shorts shown in Wednesdays post

6 vest tops

3 printed tees,

4 other random patterned camis and tops

1 giant floppy hat to protect my hair

Striped big beach bag

2 maxi dresses

6 dresses ( for day and night)

2 playsuits

brown day bag and black oversized clutch for night.

Ted Baker prescription Sunglasses

Beauty Essentials:

SPF heat protection spray for hair

leave in conditioner

No7 foundation with SPF

Too Faced natural eye palette

and the obvious Sunscreen factor 50 and 20 and aftersun

Reading Material:

Time Travellers Wife, Audrey Niffenegger

The Perfect Lie, Emily Barr

If I stay, Gayle Forman

Marked, by P.C Cast & Kristin Cast

If anyone has been to Cyprus and has any tips of must have places to see, things to do or even places to eat Id love to hear from you :) x

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  1. Ooh these pictures are gooorgeous, I would love some vintagey suitcases like this, although I do agree they were more made for the days or travelling on sleeper trains rather than Ryanair flights! Hope your having a lovely time,


  2. Lovely pictures! Have a great vacation. xo

  3. I've never been to Cyprus, but The Time Traveller's Wife is a lovely book!

  4. The time travellers wife is a fantastic book! its really worth the read, I saw the film after I read it and was a bit disappointed, they left out some key story lines, but I don't think I've ever seen a film that is better than the book!
    I really want to get some vintage suitcases for my trip to America but I'm scared they'll break on the plane and all my stuff will be lost, so i think I'll just get some and keep scarves and other bits in them!
    have a lovely holiday :)
    Steph x -

  5. Hope you're having a fab time. xx

  6. Have an amazing time! I think sadly vintage cases are best daved for looking cool in your bedroom, rather than being actually taken on holiday - too precious for that!

  7. You're so lucky - I've heard Cyprus is wonderful!

    Great packing. I'm a massive geek - I love packing and start about 2 weeks before I leave! :) x

  8. aaahhh have fun in your vacation and make sure you share some photos!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  9. vicki, u are so lucky to go on vacation! i've never been to cyprus, but it sounds amazing! i'm with ya, i hate packing, too lol i tend to overpack sigh haha anyway, have a wonderful time! can't wait to see ur pics!:)

  10. Have fun and enjoy your vacation!

    i look forward to hearing all about it :)

  12. have a fantastic time! thx for the tips on what to pack for holiday, I am heading off soon for 3 weeks to Europe, so this is good to know!

    xo Carlina

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  15. Hey there! If you're looking for nice beaches (but crowded) and crazy night-life go to Protaras or Agia Napa. Paphos has also great beaches! While there you can go to "Petra tou Romiou", "Bath of Aphrodite" and "Tafoi ton Vasileon" (tourist must see places). If you like mountains you can go to Machairas, Kykkos, Lefkara or one of the many village we have here. In Nicosia you can stroll in "Laiki Yeitonia", Ledra street and the old city (inside the walls) in general. When you're done with all the walking and pic-taking you can treat yourself with some shopping in Makariou Avenue! (near Eleftheria Square). For shopping you can also visit The Mall of Cyprus (before entering the highway from Nicosia) or My Mall in Limasol. You can also go to Larnaca and Limasol (both cities with beaches). Oh and if you like waterparks you can visit the Waterworld-Waterpark in Agia Napa! In any case look for Time Out Cyprus for tourists! The 2010 edition is out now in most kiosks and newsagents! For more info visit: Enjoy your stay and if you need anything you can ask me!


  16. i do hope you're having a wonderful time. i love the pic of the suitcases too, i would love them!

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