All that Sparkles..

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Had to rip these images straight out of this weeks LOOK magazine cos I just loved them!
The girl above's smokey eyes, nude lips, tousled hair is so relaxed glam.
You cant really see but the cardy has a glitter in the thread.
Image below is H&M the dress has panels of sequins and is £99..

Sequins, Glitter, Sparkles... the uniform of the holiday season, if you aren't wearing something shiny/disco ball esque then you just aren't in the Christmas party season. (apparently!)
Ive always been a fan of a bit of glitter or sequins, glitter eyeliner, sequin scarves but this season the trend is OTT sparkleyness!! I must say Im starting to love it, and its got me thinking what dress im gonna get for the Festive season. In my house we always dress up on Christmas day, we dont go anywhere or have anyone over but i dunno it always seems nice to dress up! (any excuse in my books!)

Asos Black Label

Asos Kint with oversized sequins

Costume Dept sequinned leggings, Love these! If only my legs were this long and slim!

This is the dress id chose, Warehouse sequinned beauty..just need £100.
which after all the christmas shopping for family its not gonna happen..sigh.
do you dress up on Christmas day? Will you be decking yourself out in sequins?
Magpie-Girl xo
Ps i posted this on Sunday but for some reason it says Thursday!? anyone know why this has happened i cant work it out.

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  1. ooh, just gorgeous. i think i'm leaning towards a sequin scarf or something not too over-the-top, but i love those leggings too! <3

  2. Yes,this part of the year is really the best.I love it . And the outfits are super cute !

  3. Sparkle leggings must buy! Want them!

  4. Lovely dress. Of course you have to dress up for Christmas!

  5. We always dress up on Christmas day, it just makes things feel extra special. I love sequins - they're just perfect for making you feel festive.

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  7. Wow, the first girl and her outfit is amazing!

  8. Ooh, I do love sequins. We've all got a little magpie in us I guess. :)

  9. I love sequins and I adore this post!! ASOS has so many lovely things to buy!! I can't wait to dress up this Christmas :-) xxooxxo

  10. i love the dress! and the sequins!
    can we exchange link?

  11. Yes you definitely need to look sparkly on Christmas day!! I hope you find your perfect dress:)

  12. I love all things sparkly at this time of year!

  13. I love all the glitter and sequins! I sooo want those leggings too, if only i had long skinny legs too.sigh. I can't wait to dress up on christmas day now big sis. xo

  14. Love it! This was a great post. I'm itching to get something sequin in my wardrobe soon!!!

  15. gorgeous as always darling
    love it, great inspiration
    thanks for sharing

    check out my blog @

  16. yay for things that sparkle :D!!!! those Costume Dept. leggings are WOOWWWW , love them :) and that ASOS grey-blue knit is fantastic too!

  17. i love the warehouse dress !
    im so glad sequins are back and they're looking gorgeous than ever !

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  18. I luv sequins amd I adore these pics! Hope ur well! : ) xx

  19. Awesome! Sequins are my absolute favorites <3

  20. I have a true softspot for everything that glitters, shines and shimmers in this way... Love this post!


  21. He he! Sequins, sparkles, silks, lace and leathers! Too perfect! Ooh mega love xoxo

  22. Sadly, when it comes down to it, -31C isn't that bad here during Dec and January...we've had weather as cold as -50C before! Lots of layers, gloves, and hats work! -31C isn't that bad considering what I've been through some winters here!

    Great post btw, love all the sequins! I went on a sequin BINGE this past week! Love it!

    x Antonia

  23. Stunning post!
    Totally love those leggings!


  24. Oh p.s. Bokeh is the circular effect that you get from snapping lights out of focus. Like dreamy dots! xoxo

  25. I love the last dress so much!

  26. Love these pics - especially the first one - I wish I could get smoky eye right on me. I always end up looking tired or like I got punched lol

  27. Great pics. I honestly can't get enough of sequins right now!

  28. sequins = yes! i love when they look slightly grungy.

    so perfect for xmas and new years parties.

  29. i`m always up for sparklyness! :D you`re right, this first photo is amazing, and the model looks gorgeous. gotta get me such big hair :) and love love these pink sequin leggings :)

  30. great finds - i love asos!

    For all things fashion:

  31. Great picks!! i really love that asos black label sequin top!


  32. Wow! I can image your outfit.

  33. i





    those pink sequin leggings!!!!!!!!!!! (Is it a surprise really?)

    I also bloody love your hair!