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The big 5-0 (post not years!)

Monday, November 02, 2009

So this is my 50th post..cant believe Ive been blogging that long! I didn’t know where this blog would take me or if I would even keep it up, but can say now that Im totally addicted to blogging and reading others blogs. Its such a creative and inspiring atmosphere. So anyways im rambling, for this post I said I would do a Giveaway and Q&A, thanks to everyone for leaving me questions..here are my answers.

How did you decide to start a blog and what had you in mind for it?
Before I started my blog I was inspired by blogs such as Fashion Toast, Style Bubble, Cherry Blossom Girl and Live Glam or Die. What I had in mind for it, changed and evolved as I worked out what suited me, I wanted to do outfit posts occasionally but also do other posts on fashion items, brands and whatever interested me. Im still constantly wanting to achieve more from my blog.

Where is your favourite place to be?
Depends on my mood and the time of year.. I love being up at the North Coast of Ireland, my parents have an apartment that my boyfriend and I would stay in some weekends it looks right out onto the beach and its lovely in the summer. Its also lovely on a really stormy cold winter night curled up in the sofa looking out at the waves crashing against the rocks.

Are you now working for that Irish Magazine full time?
A while ago I posted at article I got published in Irish fashion Magazine Eve,
I am currently working for them freelance, as I work full time as a Fashion Assistant as a Fashion Agency specializing in Designer Womenswear. Leaving me not enough time to blog!

If you could only choose one, would you pick Acne Wedges or Jimmy Choos?
Hmm.. If I could pick any Jimmy Choo shoe then Id have to go for the Choo..
Hard choice though!

What inspires you?
Lots of things.. two people esp, my boyfriend Dave who is insanely dedicated and hard working, he always knows what he wants and works for it and gets it. He knows exactly what he wants from his career and I have no doubt he’ll go incredibly far.
( he is currently doing a PHD in International Criminal Justice). The other person would be my mum she is very creative and is always trying new things, she is a wedding florist by profession but in her spare time shes a great photographer, and makes and sells her handmade jewellery.
I also get inspired by blogs like style bubble, tv shows like project runway and from reading magazines.

‘Debs’ left me a very original question.. picking up on my two main style traits different glasses and orange hair she asked if I could only pick one which would I give up my funky different pairs of glasses or orange hair?
Tough one.. I decided id keep my glasses.. I could never imagine myself wearing contacts and different glasses can change a look so quickly. As for my hair id just have to find a different colour to dye it..

What Camera do you use?
I used to use a Kodak v1253 12 mp camera which I LOVED. Until it died a few months ago now im using my dads old 6mp Kodak.. Im saving for SLR for Christmas. But wanna get a new small digi camera as well. If anyone can recommend one under £150 It would save me a lot time and research!

How long have you worked in fashion?
Well I worked in Retail all through Uni and also did placements with a Modelling Agency and Fashion P.R company. Then I left Uni and worked in marketing for 3 months..(hated it!) Then I got the job Im still in now as Fashion Assisatant, which Ive been doing for just over 2 years now.

And here is my Giveaway!!! Two designer winter scarves!!

the grey one

the brown one

Two Scarves, one grey, one brown. The brown one I have wrapped round my neck but is same length and material as the grey one. Its two layers stitched together, one of which is a cosy fine knit. They were donated to me when at the Paris Fashion show. They are by a French designer make known as Mado et les autres, and retail at £40 each.

To Enter the Giveaway all you have to do is be/become a follower and leave a comment with your email address below :). The competition will run for one week then the winners will be selected at random. xo

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  1. first entry? :)!
    i was thinking, i LOVE the grey scarf!!
    if i won i'd totally wear this nonstop xD
    and my mum is really into brown?
    so all's good for christmas coming up!
    haha, short but (hopefully...) sweet comment,
    good luck for the competition

  2. well hello there! yeah i know i dont think iv been on your blog for a while either! so i am now following you to make sure i dont loose you again! lol xoxooxox

  3. Congratulations on your 50th post! I've not even made it to my 15th post yet. Ha! ;)

    Love those scarves! I hope I'm lucky enough to win. *fingers crossed*


  4. Yay congratulations on your 50th post thats brilliant! Loved reading the answers to your questions as well. Very fun! Can't wait to see some halloween pictures. xo

  5. The grey scarf is beautiful and looks very snug... I think I'll definitely buy one even if I don't win, or a gorgeous london bus red chunky knit one I've seen in Accessorize ^^
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog by the way, I never got a proper chance to thank you

  6. oops forgot my email lol

  7. I loved all your answers! You seem to be quite the busy girl. Awesome! :)
    What a fabulous giveaway. The scarves are beautiful!!
    Here is my email address: jenniferb02(at)gmail(dot)com.
    I am already a follower, of course.

    And congrats on 50 posts and being fabulous in ALL of them!! ;)

  8. Yay 50 posts! Grats!

    heyhazelhazel [at] yahoo [dot] com

  9. Congrats on your 50 posts!! These scarves are so gorgeous!


  10. Congratulations on reaching 5-0! :) Here's to many more posts!

  11. Whee, the big 5-0! It's so fun to read all these interesting facts bout you:)

    The scarves are very pretty, so generous of you to host the giveaway!!


  12. Congrats to your 50th post !! And I loved loved your Q&A answers :)

    Its really so cool that you're a fashion assistant,awesome !

    And a giveaway:) Really adore both scarves so so much and right timing as I'm in need of them<3

    Beautiful tee you're wearing with your high waisted jeans.

    Following your blog already girl <3


  13. lovely ur waist jeans,awesome scarf,sweet shirt and adore ur cardigan :))

  14. yay for 50 posts! I hope for many more for my hair envy to grow even more hehe!


  15. It was really good to read your answers:) And just incase you didn't know your quite inspiring too! You look fab in these pics and I'm still crushing on your hair colour it so lovely!

  16. YAY!!! 50th POST!!! WELL DONE!!! The grey scarf is amazing - thou looks gd with your orange hair. :D Debs

  17. Congrats on 50 posts - Its so exciting meeting blog landmarks :) I love your blog! Those scarves are amazing, I wouldnt want to give them away lol.


  18. hi, i've followed your blog for a little while but not yet commented, i love the scarves and the cardi you're wearing in your photos above - what a fab colour..
    if i can still enter, my email is dinoprincesschar[at]gmail.com

  19. Congrats, congrats!!!! I hope I will win!!!

  20. sorry, I meant tokatti@windowslive.com

  21. What a lovely post....I loved reading all the answers to your questions!


  22. Congrats first of all!!! Lovely blog post, loved Q&A


  23. Congrats on the milestone...hope you keep it up. Love your blog.

    Great post...fun finding out about you.

  24. Hey! Congratulations!! That's so awesome!! You have my dream job! And I can't wait to see your Halloween pictures! xoxoxoxo

  25. Congratulations, loved the post:) I don't think I could imagine you without orange hair now lol But then again you with no glasses wouldn't be you either. The grey scarf is beautiful. Always look forward to reading your blog and can't wait to see where you take it next. The sky is the limit xo Jo

  26. i really enjoyed reading this whole post !
    congrats on ur 50th post by the way . you feel accomplished dont you ?? :D

    those gray scarfs are totally beautiful ! i wish im in GB and can join ur giveaway :(

    am still following ur blog by the way because it's awesome .
    mind following me back ?

  27. happy 50th post! I'm so glad you chose to keep your blog, we're addicted to what you post too;)

    haven't been commenting as often as I'd have wanted to lately, 2 Greek Fashion Weeks in a row have officially knocked me out...

    Cool giveaway!! Only now did I realise I have you in my favourites and not registered in blogs I follow. Adding you now, and yes, count me in! (u already know my mail)


  28. congrats! your blog is so great, and its great to learn more about you!

  29. wowowowooww what a wonderful givewaway!!! you are sooooo generous! i'm a total follower!!!!!!!!!!! love your blog too!!!
    my email is presidentp3@gmail.com



  30. Love to see you like your glasses - I've always struggled with mine!