Oh Baby its Orange!!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Hayley from Paramore

Nicole, Girls Aloud.

photobucket random image.

Ive got the colour orange on the brain at the min.. Its about that time again when my natural blonde roots are on show and my hair needs a feed of red hair dye. Once my pay check clears my empty bank account (sigh) I will be booking in for a much needed cut and colour, as I bore easily of my hair i change the shade every time i go. Last time i opted for a cherry red which unfortunately faded fast.. this time im thinking bright orange through my fringe and then a warmer autumnal colour through the rest. Inspired by Paramores Hayley above. Love the rainbow shades of orange in her hair!
What do you think? Yes to bright orange or dont do it? lol..
50th post!!
So this is my 49th post! Cant believe Ive posted that many times.. so for my 50th ive decided to do an ask me anything post. So if there is any random question ud like to ask me, please leave me a comment below and ill be sure to answer it in my next post. I will also be doing a fab giveaway of two french designer scarves given to me in Paris, pics coming soon, as soon as i can snag a camera from someone saying mine is officially dead..

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  1. Oh my god vic, got a gorgeous black and orange 70s dress. u will be soo proud of me. Have gorgeous retro jewellery and black tights. GO ME!! Debs

  2. i love orange hair color! they are so vibrant in a good way (not like vibrant as in blue hair color vibrant u kno)..

    am already loving ur blog and added to my blogrooll..

    mind if we exxchange links ? :D


  3. Go orange! I love that color!

  4. Orange hair is beautiful! If I wasn't brunette, I'd love to have red or orange hair. it's so striking, and yet maintains a naturalness that makes me love it.

    do it do it my girl!

  5. I want orange hair also! Hayley's hair is incredible! So yeah totally go for it!
    Umm, if you could be any other person in the world who would you be?


  6. Yeah def go orange!! I have a question, what made you want to start a blog? xo

  7. YES YES YES. I've always wanted gigner hair and bright orange is even better. So powerful.

    the last photo is TO DIE FOR.

  9. Ohhh,orange !! I love the color,you should go for girl ! Its going to look just awesome on you:)

    Behind you all the wayyyyy :)

  10. Very pretty!!
    And you can always go back if you dont like it!
    I chose chictopia because some of my blogger friends were on it as well but I'm sure lookbook is nice too! :)

  11. The last picture is so pretty!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  12. Wow, you should do it if your heart tells you to!! I think you can surely pull it off:)

    Okay, what do you do for fun, dear?

  13. oh i think you definatley should go orange or maybe the reddy colour from the last picture that is so lovely too and vibrant :) thankyou so much for your lovely comment btw ariel is such a beautiful name isn't it. and oh, wow your next post is your 50th post? congratulations dear that is amazing, so my questions are:

    ♥ what inspires you?
    ♥ whats your most favourite place to be?

  14. Go for the orange! I've always had a thing for redheads but I could, well, never pull it off. Haha. But you definitely should try it!

    Congrats on all your posts! Q: what's your favourite thing about fashion?

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  15. ooh, i love nicole's hair! and as for questions, well, let's see...
    what is your dream job?
    favorite blogs/designers?

  16. i love orange hair. but it wont ever suit me. you should go for it.

  17. I love any shade of red! It will love awesome! I wish my hair wasn't naturally black. Makes it hard to dye it any colour and look even the slightest bit natural.

    And thanks so much for your sweet comment!

  18. i LOVE <3 <3 <3 ORANGE HAIR, i used to have orange hair, orange iss amazing for the hair. mm yummm

    nad xx

  19. cool blog ♥


  20. LOVE red hair so much! My question is whether you have any brothers or sisters?

  21. All of these shades are delicious!!

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